Official BBC DIY Dalek blueprints

These ancient, official BBC build-your-own-Dalek blueprints were rescued from the defunct Doctor Who FTP archive. Distributing out of print Dalek blueprints is arguably what the Internet was made for.

Dalek Blueprints (via Dvice)


  1. As a fully-fledged Dr Who bore, I must point out that these aren’t the *official* BBC blueprints, but a section of the Who 10th anniversary special from 1973. You end up with quite a shonky looking Dalek, if I recall.

  2. Sadly enough I found knitting patterns for Tom Baker’s scarfs some years ago, anyone interested? Apparently there were different patterns for the different series… I have it/them as a pdf.

  3. I’m pretty sure that the original scans of these actually came from an anniversary magazine that the BBC put out. I remember having a copy of the mag with these or similar blue prints in. Don’t remember what the specific anniversay was though.

  4. I wish I could write what the Dr Who theme music sounded like :))

    So instead, here’s a link to play while reading the blueprints:

  5. This sounds like a rather dangerous document. Do we really want daleks running around, causing havok, exterminate-exterminating?

  6. By the way, I noticed this on page 2:

    Don’t follow our [Dalek-making] instructions too slavishly; do not be afraid to improvise.

    And now, a rebuttal:


  7. You can indeed build a dalek. I have been building one for the past year and hope to be giving the shell a second coat of paint next week and maybe taking it for a trundle early next month.

    I have video-taped the build and have a lot of pictures and video to edit down to something a bit more watchable when I am done.

    These are what are known in the hobby as the ‘Radio Times Plans’. They were produced by the BBC but not by going down to the BBC stores and measuring a prop. Oh no! That would be the easy way. Instead they seem to have looked at pictures and guessed. So the result is rather too tall and looks a bit wonky.

    People who want to build a dalek should head off to either or Most of the action these days is at project dalek. But dalek city has a publicly accessible build guide. Both sites have plans available with free membership. Just don’t ask where you can buy parts or anything like that as they are strictly non-commercial.

    Over the years people have built pretty much every dalek that has ever appeared on screen except for the emperor props and the 2010 New Paradigm daleks with the hunchback that nobody seems to like.

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