Steampunk Nature, Photoshopped

"Steampunk: Nature" is the theme of this Worth1000 shoop-off, and boy, every single one of the entries displayed is lovely. But this Cylon Unicorn recharging in a Dalí craquelure landscape stole my heart.

(Via BB Submitterator, thanks Thalia!)


  1. Love you, Xeni, for using the word “craquelure”–alongside an illustration, so that anyone who didn’t know the word before will know it now, and know what it means.


    Former amateur potter

  2. That’s not steampunk though. The sleek aerodynamic design is more reminiscent of 1930s art deco than 19th century machinery. Call it dieselpunk.

    1. diesel punk now thats just being silly how about we just keep it as art deco inspired surrealism, otherwise we will have gas punk hydrogen punk banana seat bicycle punk waffle iron punk and lack of using commas because i rule punk.

      1. I’d say “steampunk” is still a useful term if it just means “faux-nineteenth-century retro-futurism.”

        Analogously, “dieselpunk” meaning “faux-early-twentieth-century retro-futurism.”

        That should really cover everything. Futurism from earlier than that would be indistinguishable from fantasy, and an homage to anything more recent would just be “science fiction.”

  3. As lovely as this illustration is… there is absolutely nothing steamy or punky about the pic. It’s straight-up surrealism, complete with Dali-esque towering giraffe. If it couldn’t have been built by a grease-covered street urchin in 1870, it’s not steampunk. The genre is tired and abused enough, no need to rub it in.

  4. I like the grasshopper myself. While technically accomplished, most of the other works follow the lines and intricacies of their biological subjects a bit too precisely, creating an uncanny valley effect of sorts.

  5. “Craquelure” is just one hell of a fine word. Thank you for that, Xeni. According to The Wikipaedia, “It is sometimes used to detect forged art, as craquelure is a hard-to-forge signature of authenticity.” I’d say that’s a wonderful thing.

  6. Not particularly good and only a pale imitation of Dali and/or Surrealism.

    Looks more like someone has been smoking craquelure to me.

  7. Again; hate to be a whiner guys; but could you stop using the term ‘photoshopped’ in this context? Mostly because that’s not what it means.

    ‘Photoshopped’ means that something’s been digitally altered; not digitally created.

    You guys know your tech stuff; so please try to avoid the ‘dad’ terminology mistakes.

  8. …. p.s. after looking at the full gallery I see that there are some examples of ‘shopping. But still; these are mostly illustrations, not ‘photoshops’.

  9. a while ago, i decided to start sketching again. i tried people: terrible at it. Scenes: boring. animals: bad at it. Robot animals: Brilliance. ive got a sketchbook of creations. though they are in pencil, and consequently, black and white.

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