Broken crockery couture

Li Xiaofeng is a Chinese artist who makes sculptural clothing from broken crockery. The results are lovely and apparently wearable. I don't know if they're dry-clean only or dishwasher-safe.

Li Xiaofeng (via Craft)


  1. Super neat! Would love to see more shots of them actually on models.

    Reminds me of a friend of mine who used to have a bracelet of china backstamps I always liked.

  2. My mother always warned me not to be a “fashion plate”. Is this what she meant?!!!Definitely wash and wear! Or you could just get hosed off or….run it through the dishwasher! I think NOT very “wearable” unless you never sit, walk or bend and are transported upright while in the back of a pickup truck! Beautiful as art and inspiration for fabric/fashion.

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