A Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names

Pop Chart Lab has produced a visually graceful and historically authoritative Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names poster, available for $20. You can view it large here. "266 sobriquets from the world of rap music, arranged according to semantics." (thanks, JG)


  1. What a labor of love. But no TRUE rap name taxonomy could be complete without…

    *KRS-One (Alphanumeric)

    *Grandwizzard Theodore (Titles/Honorifics)

    *Heavy D (Physical or Metaphysical Attributes–>Size–>Large)

    *Phife Dawg (Animal, Vegetable, Mineral–>Animal–>Doggs)

    *Grandmaster Melle Mel (Titles/Honorifics–>Masters)(Wordplay–>Repetition)

    *Leaders of the New School (Titles/Honorifics–>Schooling)(Physical or Metaphysical Attributes–>Virtues–>Intellect)…


  2. Eminem is under gustatory, two letters and repetition.

    It was reassuring to see the first comment. It means I wasn’t only one spotting who was missing. Impossible task to get everyone of course. This is superb all the same.

    I think Dr. Ice should be added. Sue me.

  3. And what self-respecting nexus of hip-hop and nerdery would mistake DJ Dangermouse for MC Dangermouse?!

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