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  1. InsertFingerHere says:

    If I’m mot mistaken, as long as the ‘complete’ object doesn’t pass through, then you can bring is back out again. So for lazy writing, a hand would work… If the event horizon closes though, then it’s back-of-head removal time. I’m guessing that you can’t show up out the other end unless you’ve fully passed through, so you can’t flip the bird through another gate.

    Did no one see that pic I posted last week with Amanda Tapping wrapped up in the American flag? God Bless the UK/Canadians.

  2. cinemajay says:

    I have one of these, but I lost it in the couch cushions.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The wife and I are big Stargate fans (we named our daughter Samantha), but even with that I don’t think she’d let me put a stargate in the backyard.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can someone buy me an Ori staff and robe? thanks!

  5. wgmleslie says:

    “Please bear in mind that the stone pedestal and Dial Home Device are not included in this sale.”

    What good is a gate w/o a DHD?

  6. Shoomlah says:

    They’ve touched on that several times, actually- it’s still a bit squiggly as it is Stargate’s special brand of pseudo-science, but anything going backwards through a gate disintegrates.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh how I love stargate humor, your comments have made my day, haven’t laughed so hard in a long time… I am a gater among naughts…

  8. Promethean Sky says:

    Things that have been established in Stargate.
    *Wormholes can only transmit matter one way, but energy both ways.
    *Matter can not survive the trip intact, but requires the reciving stargate to reassemble the object/person from the transmitted matter.
    *A wormhole is not absolutely nessecary for the formation of an event horizon.
    *The stargate has a buffer mechanism that stores the pattern and matter (though don’t ask me where exactly the matter is stored, or the limits on it) before reassembly.

    I would say that given these facts, it is a safe guess, though only a guess, that an object passing in and out of the event horizon is being disassembled and reassembled on the fly, and that would apply to either the transmitting or receiving end of the wormhole. If I were designing a stargate, I would have anything entering the receiving end spit right back out for safety reasons, but instead it seems it just goes poof.

  9. rootchick says:

    That would look awesome in my front yard.

  10. spocko says:


    Actually I looked at the prices. I think they are set low for bidding to go really high. Am I wrong?

    I was thinking about if I had money what I would want.
    Decisions decisions.

    Something of the Ancients. Costume stuff worn by O’Neill and Carter.

    The Art deco glass from Atlantis.

  11. kshusker says:

    I’d get it, but I heard you get crappy reception if your hand covers one of the chevrons, and besides, the Ancients are way to strict in their control over the App Store.

  12. semiotix says:

    This seems like as good a time as any to ask a nerdly Stargate question.

    Am I right in thinking that in 80 kajillion episodes they have yet to establish what happens if you try to touch the event horizon of an incoming wormhole?

    I know that the big KAWOOOSH at the beginning eats up everything it touches. But I’m just talking about the regular blue shimmery plane. It seems like the writers were going to extraordinary lengths to leave that ambiguous (just in case they needed it later!), by never having a redshirt stumble into it, or a bad guy get blasted backwards through the event horizon he just came through.

    Any upper-level SG nerds want to weigh in?

    • KremlinLaptop says:

      It disintegrates stuff as seen and I think established in that episode where SG-1 goes to that one planet to watch the meteor shower, only for the planet to start getting bombarded and O’Neill gets trapped on the planet.

      The gate is buried horizontally with it pointing at the sky, when they send the MALP through it transmits for a second and then falls back being destroyed by the event horizon.

      WHICH ALWAYS REALLY BOTHERED ME. Because in a lot of episodes you see O’Neill or someone being halfway through a gate and say moving their hand or arm… and it doesn’t get chomped up by the even horizon.

      (Also oh dear jesus I swear I have life. I swear. I’mma go have a beer now.)

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