Shell Research: as delicious as rocks slathered in crude


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  1. Antinous / Moderator says:

    If you’ve looked at cookbooks of the era, the petroleum salad isn’t that much more unappealing than what people actually ate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seems like cute ad; a new “salad” for your highways. Not a real salad, obviously. But I suppose I’m of the right vintage to read it as it was intended. :/

  3. Mr. Sleepy says:

    Read the fine-print, fool– it’s a jokey, a play on ye olde word. There talkin about make ashphalt (not a REAL salad that somebuddy might eat at a restarant.)

  4. Graham Anderson says:

    I did an internship at Shell Research in Thornton when studying chemistry at Brunel. It was awesome – they had the best canteen ever. No crude oil salads in sight. They had a full silver service restaurant for VIPs too. Yummy.

  5. hungryjoe says:

    The best way to market anything to Americans is to make it look like food. Everyone knows this.

  6. Robert says:

    To be fair, it isn’t salad, but “salad”. I’m pretty sure the public back then knew what quotes around a word meant, and instantly knew what Macadam was. Or perhaps they didn’t, and the ad was a bomb just as it would be today.

  7. MustWarnOthers says:

    Peggy, come into my office, NOW!

  8. imorgan73 says:

    Don must have slept in that day.

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