Tamil child star dances with Transformer

Tamil child superstar Baby Keerthika stars in this music video feature sped-up dance numbers alongside Bumblebee from the Transformers, set in some theme park, or possibly a studio backlot. In a cowboy suit. With ponies. It's pretty bad-ass.

little super star dance with transformers Bumblebee (Thanks, Dave!)


  1. I’m sick in bed in a hotel room in Mumbai right now. I may have missed last night’s Ganpati Immersion ceremony, but at least I have this


  2. We need more music videos like this… some of our “stars” take themselves too seriously and think too much of themselves. I appreciate a video that is zany and makes me smile (yes, yes I know its a little kid, but adults can have fun too).

  3. @Anon: you didn’t catch the animatronic Headless Horseman in the background of that shot? That part of the set looks to be a sort of Haunted Mansion type thing. No disrespect intended. And I never thought Bumblebee could bust moves like that.

  4. You gotta love India’s brand of appropriation.

    Anyway, somebody should drug-test that kid for amphetamines.

  5. I get that other cultures are interesting, too. But, bleh. It’s an hysterical sense-assault. Maybe it’s just too much for pre-coffee me.

  6. I think Kutty Pisasu means “Little Monster(vampire or witch?)”. This type of song is common in Tamil cinema and is usually performed by a scantily clad woman in a beer bar but this being a kids’ movie, has been tamed down. The target is the pit/ front benchers who would get up and dance along. The drum beat and pelvic thrusts go along with suggestive lyrics and the woman would be either a bar maid or a gangster’s moll.
    This kid is doing the standard steps and is actually a little girl dressed as a boy as pointed above. Strangely this was a common occurrence and led to gender identity disorders in some stars from the 70s (like the Afghan Baccha Posh article from NYTimes).

  7. Man, that creeped me out. That is one twisted theme park, and it’s just weird watching a kid that age, boy or girl, doing some of those dance moves.

  8. You beautiful people! This is the trailer for an insane Tamil movie that came out in May. I saw it with a Tamil family in their fantastic NGO built tsunami reconstruction project teapot house in Pottuvil in Eastern Sri Lanka in June. However, their English was as lacking as my Tamil and I never worked out what the film was called though I desperately wanted to watch it again as I remember it being a mash-up of Herbie vs. transformers as filmed in the style of an explotation flick by Jodorowsky, I hope it’s as good on the re-visit…

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