Foam printer makes floating foam shapes

I don't know anything about this foam printer -- it appears to be creating very crisp forms out of soap (?) bubbles, which are then lofted into the air. The printer was apparently on display at IFA Berlin. Anyone know more? Hit the comments.

Foam Printer (via Beyond the Beyond)


  1. They were shooting human forms over the sky of San Diego during Comic-Con last summer…eeriest thing I saw as the bubble men would be floating along the streets several stories up and held their shape until they were little dots far off in the sky.

  2. I don’t think this is a printer.

    at ~18s, it looks like it’s just extruding soap+helium foam through a cardboard die.

    This looks like a rudimentary version.

    … and a little more googlefu suggests it’s a flogos machine.

  3. Somebody had one of these at the hotel parking lot next to San Diego Comic Con this year and they were blowing little people and launching them into the sky. Well, they had a machine like this that was sending people shaped bubbles into the air.

  4. information is golden, innovation is golden, world helium supply is limited, conservation is not golden, green consumption is golden.

    from the youtube comments, it’s maker, I assume, flogos…

  5. haha! i still say it’d be more fun if the gas was hydrogen… print out a bunch of shapes let them float up then shoot them with flare guns! wooo!!! that’d be so cool it’d be this BAM! and a white flash.

    1. … and I hope that you’d be watching them through the windows of the UFO Call Center while you field all the calls from people thinking we’re being invaded by Martians ;)

  6. There is a company called Flogo that can come and do events at a price. My wife and I tried to get them to come out for an Autism event we are helping coordinate in October.

  7. I don’t think it’d be too hard to do this at home…

    Cut out a stencil of the shape you want, put it over top of a bucket of soapy water, cover with fabric, insert helium hose into bottom of bucket. Bubbles will form in your chosen shape, and when you want to let it go, stretch a piece of string between your fists, and run it across the top of the bucket.

  8. I saw this on Queen street W in Toronto May of 2009. Shooting man and woman bathroom door icons into the air. Huge crowd. Loys of delighted kiddies and adults alike.

  9. Yes, we encountered one of these on the street while on holiday in Sofia, Bulgaria a few weeks ago. Was pumping out fruit shapes as part of a marketing campaign for some new brand of juice. The kids – and me – went wild chasing and catching them. Seemed to be made of very light detergent helium bubbles. Also appeared to be some skill in carving them out right so they came out more 3D. The guy was interfering with the mechanism you see in the video to do it.

    I’d show my Flickr photos were it not for my damned other half forbidding me showing public photos of our kids on line. Stupid paranoid idiocy, but hey, the punishment’s not worth the risk.

  10. I’ve seen these around Toronto. Once doing the male/female washroom symbols, and once doing a Maple Leaf for Canada Day. It was sort of funny, the machine was set up on a pretty busy street when they were shooting out the people and as they floated up about half flew through hydro wires cutting them in half or beheading them. I assume that this was unintentional, but entertaining for a good 10 minutes. Oh and they can do colour, the maple leafs were red.

  11. Reminds me of an old Mythbusters episode where they did something like that by pumping methane into a bucket of soapy water. Obviously flammable, don’t know what they’re using here.

  12. They had one of these outside of a Duane Reade grand opening near Times Square in New York this past spring..

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