Obsessive ingredient photos for cookbook


Look at these entrancing photos by Carl Kleiner's for Ikea's new cookbook, Hembakat är Bäst (Homemade Is Best).

Carl Kleiner's photography (Via Animal New York)


  1. That is cool. But I want to know what the heck the recipe is for, with 4 sticks of butter making up what looks to be at least half of the mass!

    1. The brown lumps at the bottom left are fresh yeast. That combined with the dried fruit that this is some kind of pastry/danish or sweet (and greasy!) bread.

  2. I’m just happy to have realized the upper-left ingredient is apparently brushed sugar, not gauze.

    Still curious about the modeling clay, tho.

  3. My guess is this is brioche, if that brown stuff is fresh yeast? Seems like a pointless quantity of raisins, though.

    1. I believe the brown powders are spices. Looks like a pound cake recipe to me: a pound of butter, 3 eggs, bit less than a cup of sugars, bit more than a cup of flour, a little milk, and flavorings.

        1. Sure that’s not C-4 down there?

          The obsessive mind of a man who rakes his sugar and lines up so many alternating raisins is the mind of a clock-tower sniper, you ask me.

        2. That brown stuff is yeast. I can tell from the little fold marks on it from the packaging and from having seen many yeast packages in my life.

  4. My only question is what use they’re going to come up with for a little L-shaped allen wrench.

    Maybe a flat-packed, construct-your-own blender?

  5. sort of clever but someone already did that with MRE’s,per packaged military meals.each pouch was open up and the contents displayed in the same way,right down to the sugar packs.

  6. I was with two people last night who basically orgasmed over these photos, and one person who didn’t understand why they were interesting. I just wondered if the cooking instructions involved mushing all the ingredients up with your hands on the table.

    1. The instructions involve little pictograms featuring this guy… and, of course, if you get really confused about what to do, you should call your local IKEA.

  7. From The Joy of Obsessive-Compulsive Cooking:

    After you’ve lined up your ingredients on the cutting board using a ruler and t-square, wash your mixing bowl and utensils four or five times, until clean. Check that the oven is still off before proceeding to Step 2.

  8. It’s beautiful, but I can’t help giggling at the idea of one of the world’s largest vendors of mass produced crap professing “Homemade is best”

  9. When can I get a couple of copies? One for the cookbook bookcase and one to cut up and frame the bits to decorate the kitchen!

  10. As someone commented earlier, it must be “lussebullar”. The small number of raisins and the abundance (two “kryddmått” (2×1 ml), I believe) of saffron (notice the unique shade of colour of the spice) gives it away. The brown stuff is indeed yeast, don’t you use yeast in USA?

  11. teapot.. yes… scummy norsk turds. not swedish at all. plus ikea still pay taxes for almost everything. the nehterlans acconts and stuff is just for a small percent and for kamprad to have full control over the company. its not hard to find fish that is more rotten. like the swedish goverment showing up att IKEA store openings and being ok with the “skatteflykt” just to promote the contry.

    OriGuy, you mean “Ägg” och “Smör” thats whats they are called. what kind of imaganery place do you come from?

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