Star Trek pizza cutter

ThinkGeek is offering this fun Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter. It's all-metal and features a 4" steel blade.


  1. I prefer to use a big single blade than a circular rolling blade, it’s much easier to put enough pressure to cut all the way through.

    How about a bat’leth?

  2. Anon #7 speaks true. A rocker knife is always the way to go when slicing pizza. Even when spattered with sauce and grease, they’re safer and faster and cut far more cleanly. No reason at all why one couldn’t make a convex bat’leth for the purpose.

    That said, I think this is lovely and not much harder to use than your standard circular pizza-cutting device. Just gotta keep it clean and sharp.

  3. That stuff is good, as for now. Keep in mind that the Pizza Slice Teleporter (place the pizza to the P.S.T. and the slices will teleport to the dishes) is already in Beta and at its release it will outperform the Pizza Cutter.

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