Where Everybody Knows Your Game


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I tried loading it up with IE and didn’t get any funny business. Good ol’ sensible Windows…

  2. shadowfirebird says:

    Well, I clicked on the link and then closed the tab after about 30 seconds. Is this some sort of very late April Fool’s joke, or is the site incompatible with Firefox?

    I see a number of panels, mostly bigger than my screen size, bouncing around a virtual screen which is also bigger than my screen size. The immediate impression is “bad trip” – which is reinforced by the colour scheme.

    More importantly, nothing stays still long enough for me to work out what it is or click on it, and most of the text is mostly off the screen most of the time.


  3. Tgg161 says:

    Epileptic sumo boxes?

  4. swankgd says:

    Err, yeah. If their goal was to make their site comically unusable…they got it half right.

  5. babycastles says:

    Hey guys,

    Sorry if it hurts, we just try to make a new flyer for each new exhibition we have in Queens (every month.)

    Here’s some other examples….



    Actual information about the arcade and future projects is here!


    & here!



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