Mix Tape for Good Heads


8 Responses to “Mix Tape for Good Heads”

  1. DukeThomson says:

    I just picked this one up. Fantastic music to just zone out to

  2. insatiableatheist says:

    Not the sort of thing I’d have on whilst indulging in some ‘plant shamanics’.
    Too grate-y. I prefer big, bloopy psytrance bubbles.

    • Anonymous says:

      #6 – You might dig the second half of the mix. The thing has an arc, ya know. But yeah, there’s no electronica machine stuff on here.

  3. sing it, baby says:

    Man, that download should be renamed “The Moon landing? Fake! Think About It, Dude.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    i remember receiving good heads after giving a good mixtape…

    think about it.

  5. scifijazznik says:

    Wow…The only band I’m familiar with there is White Hills and their latest is an excellent space rock record. I’ll definitely give it a whirl. Thanks for posting this!

  6. Nash Rambler says:

    I’m tempted to give this a try, but this post also makes me nostalgic for “Dark Side of the Moon,” and “Ready to Die.”

  7. jaybabcock says:

    #6 – The thing is designed to be full-on, peak and then mellow into air. Did you get to the second half? Maybe that’s more what you’re looking for. But yeah there’s no Tangerine Dream on there, if that’s what you’re craving…

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