Welcome to Bordertown: the first Borderlands book in decades!


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  1. mellon says:

    *Finally*, we can bring RFC1149 to standard status. THANK YOU!


  2. eain says:

    Squeee! I adore the Bordertown books. MOAR PLZ

  3. Lobster says:

    Any stories about CL4P-TPs? :D

    Sounds like an interesting story, Mr. Doctorow.

  4. Crashproof says:

    For some reason I thought that series (which was indeed awesome) was called Bordertown, so I didn’t have any confusion with the game by Gearbox until now.

    Which is kind of an amusing thought. A cross between Borderlands and Borderlands might be… like Hellgate but actually good.

  5. Anonymous says:


    Holycrap, I have wanted to do a Borderlands comic for almost 20 years! The milieu begs for visuals.
    I even did character designs of Leda and Wolfboy from Shetterly’s Elsewhere. (I fell in love with his description of Leda’s dandelion hair!)

    Lea Hernandez

  6. ellen kushner says:

    Hey, just one decade: a lot of people missed the unhappily-titled THE ESSENTIAL BORDERTOWN in 1999, thinking it was a collection of previous stories, instead of a big fat anthology of original new ones that also included excerpts from the legendary “The Tough Guide to Bordertown” on how to get by on the streets there, and what not to say to elves and where to find good tacos and better used clothes….

    It’s also the only B’town antho still in print:

    And we really love your new story, Cory – thanks again for writing it for us – I can’t wait for everyone to get to read it.

  7. LightMike says:

    About friggin time! I’d about lost all hope for a new B-Town book to come out!! Please don’t make it the last!!

  8. Arys says:

    omg! omg! *hops happily from foot to foot*
    I was just wondering the status of this new B-Town book. Coincidentally, I’m just wrapping up re-reading the series before handing the books off to my niece, who just reached 16. One of my all time favorite YA universes and I’m pleased as punch to see some B-Town veterans (Emma Bull, Will Shetterly, Terri, and Charles De Lint) on the list and excited to read stuff from cool newbies to the ‘Town (Neil AND Cory?!)

    • Anonymous says:

      I second everything that Arys said. Bull, Shetterly, De Lint and now Gaiman and Doctorow oh my…I can barely contain myself.. and me a 50 year old woman…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe this is actually being published. I have the original paperbacks, looking a little dog-eared after all these years, and I’ve often wondered what happened to the series. Thanks to the Amazon link for ‘The Essential Bordertown’, which I didn’t even know existed, I’ve just ordered an unread library back-up copy for less than $5! I’m thrilled to bits about this, and the upcoming book is a must buy, the fact that Cory and Neil Gaiman both have stories in it would have guaranteed a sale regardless of subject. Fantastic news.

  10. wygit says:

    I will be eagerly looking forward to this.

    Love the books, and can’t believe how long they’ve been out of print.

    I’ve never found most of them as ebooks.

  11. angrydroid says:

    I’ll have to go dust off my copies of these that I read back around high school. I remember being attracted to the cool Phil Hale covers. He went to the same high school as me.

    • beezus says:

      This is wonderful news! Just a great series of books based on a fantastic concept. Glad to see they are coming back.

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