David Cronenberg's iPhone charger

By Mio I-zawa, via Laughing Squid and Pink Tentacle.


  1. Fantastic.

    Here is an excerpt from an IM I just had with Rob about this:

    Pesco: You know I’m a big Cronenberg fan.

    Rob: Not a surprise there!

    Pesco: I interviewed him for the BB print ‘zine in the early 1990s. He was awesome. I focused the interview all about the weird gloopy sounds he uses in his movies.

    Rob: hey, I was going to remark that the only bad thing about it was that there wasn’t a sound chip covering up the servo noised with nice wet schlupping sounds. Heartbeat, etc.

    Pesco: hahahahahah, exactly.

  2. Tentacles and iPhones, my two most favourite things.

    They could sell a range of these things like a sarlacc pit iPad charger with a tiny Boba Fett that pops up when the charge is complete.

  3. Is it ingesting *from* or excreting *to* the series of tubes?
    That’d determine if it should be named “Apple” or not.

  4. This is so awesome I actually thought about buying an iPhone just so I could use it. @redesigned is dead on. That’s an eXistenZ connector cable if I ever saw one. And Rob is totally on target about the sound chip.

    I can forsee improvements like simulated peristalsis that shows whether data is uploading or downloading.

    In fact, am I out of line is hoping for an entire line of cables like this?

  5. can you set your iPhone on the desk and this thing will wiggle over to it and suck the end in to initiate charging? now that would be cool.

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