Howlingly Cute


One of my favorite musicians and artists, Archer Prewitt, best known for the comic Sof'Boy and band Sea and Cake has just finished the latest figurine in his series for PressPop, the Allen Ginsberg doll - authorized by Ginsberg Estate. Complete with glasses, book, and beaded necklace, he should make a fine addition to anyone's collection of beat poet dolls.

The doll comes with a CD of some of Ginsberg's previously unreleased live poetry readings, including Manhattan Mayday Midnight and On William Burroughs' Work.


  1. The typo further down in the web page is sort of funny:

    “Comes with fabric cloth jacket, glasses, book, Uncle Tom hat”


  2. Here’s John Lennon, from “Skywriting By Word Of Mouth”

    “It took a long time and a lot of good magic to get rid of the stench of our lost virginity, although it was fun meeting all the famous underground heroes (no heroines): Bobby Seale and his merry men; Huey Newton in his very expensive-looking military-style clothes; Rennie Davis and his ‘You pay for it and I’ll organize it’; John Sinclair and his faithful Ann Arbor Brigade, and dear old Allen Ginsberg, who if he wasn’t lying on the floor ‘ohming,’ was embarrassing the fuck out of everyone he could corner by chanting something he called poetry very loudly in their ears (and out the other).”

  3. Yes, it’s a mala. Ginsberg was a disciple of Tibetan Buddhist teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

  4. We’ll should have these at Last Gasp in a few weeks, and from there to your neighborhood beat book store. Estimating the retail price between $50 and $60, though it might be a bit higher depending on shipping cost.

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