Original Dr. Seuss taxidermy on eBay


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps there’s one with Thidwick’s horns?

  2. anaximander says:

    The last few times I was there, they had them for sale at the Chuck Jones gallery in Santa Fe, it much better shape. (The gallery itself is more than worth a visit in its own right, too.)

  3. gnp says:

    If you want to see pictures of these sculptures when they still had all their colour and paint, there’s a great book called “The secret art of Dr. Seuss” which is a collection of art he created in his spare time.

  4. David Pescovitz says:

    Excellent! Thanks!

  5. kc0bbq says:

    Oh, the things I would buy! (if I was fabulously wealthy…)

  6. chrisfromiowa says:

    I am probably violating all kinds of rules but the gallery I work at sells the modern repor’s. They are put out by Chase and Audrey Geisel. They are very cool. I have several myself. IF you google “Unorthodox taxidermy + Kavanaugh” you can see the entire collection on my site. C

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