Blueberries transform Yoda into Princess Leia


My 7-yr-old daughter Jane used blueberries to turn this Yoda doll into Princess Leia.


  1. OMG! Blasphemy!

    How do you plan to punish your daughter?

    Seriously, I kinda wish I still had the creativity and curiosity of a young child…

    1. Perhaps a hybrid clone type creature of Leaha and Yoda, evolution at it’s best…even in a galaxy far, far away….. Love it! The young, princess warrior with the age-old wisdom of yoda – you’re daughter is a genius!

    1. First time I heard Yoda, I thought “That’s Fozzi Bear!”

      It was actually Grover wearing a rubber mask.

      1. It’s totally Grover. You can have a lot of fun with this by mashing up Yoda with learning the difference between NEAR and FAR.

  2. Wait, your kids get Star Wars action figures AND blueberries?!! Can I come live at your house? I promise to clean my room and do all my homework.

  3. Storm Trooper #1: What a LODA garbage!
    Storm Trooper #2: YEAHA!

    When you see it, you’ll defecate masonry.

  4. still can’t log in! (hadlock)

    I sense a disturbance in the force, as if thousands of mini-cinnamon buns all suddenly cried out, and then were silenced, as if impaled by pointy green ears

  5. Jane sounds awesome. I suspect she and my 7-year-old daughter would get along great and come up with some really crazy stuff together. Would she be interested in a pen pal by any chance?

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