Duct-tape and Sharpie AT-AT

eBay seller Komanac is flogging this 4' high, 5' long AT-AT model made of wood, cardboard, duct-tape and Sharpie: "This was created for an art show: 'Star Wars 33&1/3 anniversary' during Art Walk here in Lethbridge Alberta. I would love to keep it but not enough room. It was created July/August of this year - it took several rolls of duct tape and 30 - 40 hours to create."

GIANT Duct Tape AT-AT Star Wars Fan Art Model/Sculpture (Thanks, Fred!)


  1. Love the extra info on the eBay page

    “Real 3-D”

    Props to the maker for the insane amount of detail used on the kibbeling

  2. I’ve seen this and the Falcon up close and personal in an exhibition and they really are fabulous. You should see the painting he did of an AT-AT walking through a kitschy old landscape painting. Brilliant.

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