ElfQuest fan-film blessed by the Pinis


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  1. ElfquestRAP says:

    Keep in mind that this “teaser trailer” is in no way connected to the actual film being developed. It’s a completely whimsical (though no less professional for that) trailer-length web video. Even we haven’t seen the script but we trust this group implicitly, given both their record of existing accomplishments and their clear love of Elfquest. So we’re happily curious to see what they come up with that can be done using only female characters. :)

  2. Razzabeth says:

    Penis penis penis

  3. Tony Moore says:

    Casey McKinnon! that gal’s total sweetheart, and her Comicbook Orange web show is a real treat. I look forward to seeing how this shakes out. good luck to them!

  4. bfarn says:

    Sorry for plucking the low hanging fruit, but I just have to repeat the phrase:

    blessed by the Pinis

    Someone had to do it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh man, none of the elf names pass spell check… and they kept it in the screen shot. I hope that’s not an indicator.

  6. djinni says:

    is it all to be lady elves then? who’s going to be cutter?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fixed the image :) All names are spelled correctly, Spellcheck just hasn’t expanded to include the EQ world…YET :) Yes, all ladies for this one. You can see the other 4 cast members (those announced the first week) pics in the “Gallery” section of our indiegogo page. Thanks everyone for taking a peek!

  8. Kaiguy says:

    Why do fans always seem to believe that looking like the character is the most important criteria? They can do a lot with make-up – wouldn’t you want a better actor instead?

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