A new video interpretation of Aphex Twin's "Gwely Mernans"

A new video directed by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro for "Gwely Mernans," my favorite track from the 2001 Aphex Twin album drukqs.

Video Link. In the fewest words possible: ambient slo-mo horror kissing.

No idea if this is sanctioned or "unofficial," but it's hard for me to imagine an approach that would fit the composition better. The director, whose name and portfolio are new to me, is a video artist and designer based in Milan.

As an aside, the format reminds me of my friend Clayton Cubitt's "long portraits," which he's been doing for several years now. (Thanks, Susannah Breslin)


  1. You can even make kissing uncomfortable is you add Aphex Twin.

    Nobody looks like Richard either which leads me to believe that this is just another great fan vid, Rubber Johnny being my favorite so far.

  2. Pretty big fan of Aphex Twins’ videos and this one (unofficial or not) was fairly humdrum and boring.

  3. Slightly NSFW.

    He makes eye contact at 3:08 indicating his awareness that they’re being filmed. Of course, we KNOW they would have been aware, but this adds an intriguing hook to the piece of “what’s the story here? what are they thinking? does SHE know?” etc…

  4. OK taking a break from shopping for a straight razor I came here, put that track on, got bored of watching and still with the music playing I went back to shopping for a razor.

    Now I don’t think I want a straight razor any more…

  5. ew. kissing is scrumptious but this is like watching snails slime each other: aphex twin or not, yuck.

  6. Didn’t picture Xeni listening to Richard D. at all. Strange. Mucho props to you for surprising me.

    What else do you listen to? Are you a Boards of Canada fan perhaps?

    1. I have like every album ever by both, yes. I believe I’ve professed my BoC fandom here on the blog many times before. Big fan of creepy experimental ambient/electronic composition, have been for a long time.

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