Lip-synching students bring joy to crusty old blogger's heart

Students at Axe Sud in Toulouse, France, made this stellar, elaborately choreographed lip-synch video to a medley of "Happy Together" and "Paper Planes." Be sure you watch at least to the "Baa baa" part -- that's where my heart grew three sizes, like the Grinch's, and I acquired a sloppy, happy grin.

Lip Dub Axe Sud Toulouse 2010 (via Beyond the Beyond)


  1. I kept waiting for an old crusty blogger to appear in the video but then finally realized Cory was referring to himself. Dude, you’re only 40 or something!

  2. Their Graphics Art institute appears to be very clean and new. I went to art college one year and the place, which was pretty new at the time, was well cluttered with bits of artwork and junk and drawing boards and spattered with paint and so on.

    Fans of long one-take choreographed passages through arty buildings – though with less of the joyful singing and dancing – might like Russian Ark, a 96-minute single-take tightrope walk through the Winter Palace/Hermitage in St Petersburg in 2001. The film visits 33 rooms and dips into three centuries of history, with 2000 choreographed actors in a mix of massive elaborate set pieces (like a 19thC ball) and much more intimate scenes (like a WW2 Leningrad chap building a coffin) – without the actors looking at the camera or the camera bumping into anyone.

    I saw it in a cinema, which was best, but unfortunately not with a digital projection, so filmreel changes took a crunchy clip out of the otherwise seamless flow.

  3. this video features content from Sony Music… not in your country!


  4. Major props to them for using the version of “Happy Together” done by the Leningrad Cowboys and the Russian Red Army Men’s Chorus! (Their version of Sweet Home Alabama is just great.)

  5. Here’s one we attempted at a party this summer –

    They are lots of fun to try and do at home in a party scenario.

  6. Not a single person of color in this entire school? a few Asians, but otherwise very, very white.

  7. Apparently I am the only person in the world who can’t see anything even interesting about the ‘lip-synching’ fashion. I would say ‘meh’ but that’s almost as pointless in itself…

    1. Don’t worry, I’m with ya bro.

      The first one I watched: “Hmm, kinda interesting, but pretty easy to accomplish, I enjoyed it though as it’s at least original and made me smile – after all art isn’t about complexity”.

      Second one I watched: “Seen that before”.

      End of story.

    2. I waited until the Baaaa Baaa, and thought , “what do I hate more, myself or my life, that I am sitting here wasting it looking at this?”. Wax off, excepting email, I am not even checking the weather today.

  8. Man, what was I thinking going to a school in the U.S. when I could have gone to a place that was full of impossibly upbeat slim attractive people, 70% of which were women?

    1. What ? Is it not the case in USA, we’re all like this in France…

      Not totally so, but our love of fine food helps keeping upbeat and reasonably slim. As for the women, well they’re everywhere we can’t get rid of them, please help us !!!

    1. Indeed the Montreal (UQAM) one was the first of the series, and was widely mentioned by mainstream media.

  9. Somewhere, I obviously took a very, very wrong turn. I’m guessing now it’s too late to roll up a new character.


  10. No wonder they are happy, everyone in the world is good-looking, young and healthy. It’s genocide world where all the ugly and old people have been killed off and only the clone people remain.


    And the grinch wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes in that clone world. They would have killed him like they killed everyone else not like them.

  11. Wow. Can I be an 20ish, attractive, stylish French art student, surrounded by same? Where do I sign up? This 39-year-old shlub thing is getting old.

  12. “Youtube has jumped the shark. Youtube is a poodle on the music industry leash. ”

    (imagines leashed poodle jumping on shark)

    brain explodes

  13. There is one ugly person at 1:33, but they made her hold a giraffe pic. I’m assuming it’s a girl because of the nail polish, but then again, you never know.

  14. The giraffe girl might be pretty as well. She might have already appeared once.

    I wonder if they didn’t accept any non-attractive people into the school or just into the video.

  15. Looks like a nice school. Private, which in France means outside the state system and can therefore be more nimble in terms of its curriculum. Possibly why it seemed so white – although all the North African students might be at the Marseilles campus, you never know.

    Very focused on GETTING A JOB and probably worth the Euros. From what I can gather, between €5500 and €7000 per year in fees, which compares well with UK universities – and you can go there for a prep year, which means instead of ‘A’ levels or equivalent.

    Did anybody else spot the Cory clone?

    1. Yup, I saw him (it?) too. I thought it had to be why Cory liked the video so much. Or maybe he just liked a few minutes of pure (and staged) joy.

      As a side note, I’m from Toulouse and I had never heard of that school. Hopefully we’re neighbors.

  16. At a few points they seem to be handing the camera from one person to another. Nicely done. That took a lot of practice.

    What amazes me is that they got that many art students to cooperate on one project. I can’t even get my cats to eat from the same plate.

  17. Wait, are *you* supposed to be the crusty old blogger? It took me a long time to come up with that theory–I was looking around for a link to the crusty old blogger to see who it was. Come on, Cory, if you’re a crusty old blogger, what does that make me (who am, I’m pretty sure, a bit older)? I am *so* not owning this crusty thing.

    I am also skeptical that your heart is two sizes too small, but that’s something you’re going to have to work out for yourself. This was indeed a very fun video, and they did a great job editing the transitions.

  18. The Leningrad Cowboys (musicians in this vid) are way more entertaining without the lipsynch. Check, for example, their “Total Balalaika Show:”

  19. @mcmrbt “Did anybody else spot the Cory clone?”

    Yes, thought it was Cory for a moment, then realized that he wasn’t wearing a cape.

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