Papercraft romance: romantic model of first kiss


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  1. overthrow says:

    just to be fair to the red dragon, it’s not really a seedy chinese restaurant. i’d say it’s a trendy bar that serves incredibly powerful drinks.

    incidentally, that’s where me and my wife met.

    • SpacelordMother says:

      Your right. Just next to Hum’s Liquor!

    • sparklemotion says:

      Have you eaten any of the food there?

      It’s a seedy chinese restaurant that also serves incredibly powerful drinks.

      Both of these facts have combined to make it a trendy home for bad decisions.

      And we all love it that way.

  2. jfrancis says:

    Very cute.

    Reminds me of the video for Guster’s ‘Satellite’

  3. kcmpls says:

    There was a murder there earlier this year. I’d say seedy for sure.

  4. jdixon says:

    Love the loose detail with many nice touches!

  5. morgonmae says:

    Thanks, everyone!

  6. jessi_face says:

    That’s where my husband and I had our first date! I kissed him goodbye on the corner outside hums. Ahh memories…As for the controversy, I’ve always felt that it is a delightful mix of seedy and trendy.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have to note that though the letters on the Hum’s Liquor sign look kind of crude, it is really a true representation of the actual sign.

  8. petric says:

    How sweet you are, may you be happy for the whole life!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Haha, I used to live 2 blocks from here before I moved back to wales, I Agree, Its totally a seedy chinese restuarant and the Rum Punch is incredibly powerful, But I still miss it, definatly better than its neighbor the leaning tower of pizza…

  10. The Dour Salmon says:

    Man, I had 3 Wondrous Punches there one time and was hung over for a week. Memories.

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