Papercraft romance: romantic model of first kiss

Morgonmae sez, "This back-lit papercraft model is a gift I made for my partner, Patrick, on the seven-year anniversary of our first date. It depicts our first kiss, which took place outside a seedy Chinese restaurant in Minneapolis' Wedge neighborhood. Nothing in this model is painted or drawn--it's all cut paper. See if you can recognize any of the beer logos in the window of Hum's Liquors."

Papercraft first kiss (Thanks, morgonmae, via Submitterator!)


  1. just to be fair to the red dragon, it’s not really a seedy chinese restaurant. i’d say it’s a trendy bar that serves incredibly powerful drinks.

    incidentally, that’s where me and my wife met.

    1. Have you eaten any of the food there?

      It’s a seedy chinese restaurant that also serves incredibly powerful drinks.

      Both of these facts have combined to make it a trendy home for bad decisions.

      And we all love it that way.

  2. I have to note that though the letters on the Hum’s Liquor sign look kind of crude, it is really a true representation of the actual sign.

  3. That’s where my husband and I had our first date! I kissed him goodbye on the corner outside hums. Ahh memories…As for the controversy, I’ve always felt that it is a delightful mix of seedy and trendy.

  4. Haha, I used to live 2 blocks from here before I moved back to wales, I Agree, Its totally a seedy chinese restuarant and the Rum Punch is incredibly powerful, But I still miss it, definatly better than its neighbor the leaning tower of pizza…

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