Leather steampunk fetish-masks in Vogue

The new Vogue Hommes International features a photo-series of models decked out in steampunk fetish masks from gifted Ukrainian steampunk leather-worker Bob Basset -- go Bob!

vogue hommes international


  1. Hi–

    I would like to use this photo on my blog. You usually include the CC license information. Is this photo copyrighted? Can I use it with a CC license?

    Thank you for your attention. Please post the answer for all of us.

    1. Mid Century Modern was over when HGTV started using it as the default style of middle America in the 2000’s!

      Even Sunday’s New York Times Deign section is touting it’s end.

  2. Vogue? Really?

    Oh well. I guess we can at least be happy that Martha Stewart hasn’t started exploiting steampunk. Yet.

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