Pro-science rally in London this Saturday

Londoners! This Saturday, 2,000+ scientists and lovers of science will rally in Westminster to tell the nation that "Science is Vital" and to protest cuts to science programmes in the new budget. Bring placards, lab coats, and scientific instruments. I'm going to try to bring my kid, who is the most sciencey thing in the house, a living applied developmental neuroscience experiment that I've been working on for about 31 months now.

WHERE: The rally will be alongside HM Treasury, on King Charles Street, LONDON SW1A 2AH.

WHEN: Saturday 9th October 2010, at 2 PM.

WHO: You! And another 2,000 scientists and supporters--if you haven't already done so, please sign the petition and check the box to let us know you're coming. To make a visual impact, we encourage you to wear or carry something that signifies science--for example, if you work in a lab, wear a lab coat; if you're an astronomer, bring a telescope; or simply carry a banner with a picture of something scientific you love.

WHAT: Bring placards and banners with slogans saying why Science is Vital. We're also in the process of arranging a great lineup of speakers--details soon

Science is Vital » Attend the rally (via @larasee!)


  1. I don’t understand the logo; they either think there’s an island off of lands-end that isn’t there … or they have 1 too many dots above the I.

    Am I not getting something?

  2. 200+ years of enlightenment and they have to have a rally? Is St. Jude the patron saint of scientists by any chance?

    Wait, apparently that’s St. Albert. ROFL – Scientists really do have a patron saint!

  3. Cory: Your child is “a living applied developmental neuroscience experiment”? Sounds like mad science to me… At any rate, I hope the protest goes well!

  4. Science is vital, and the UK government surely needs to be reminded of that these days, but scientists and science communicators have been trying to kill the white coat image for so long…go with the placards and telescopes.

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