All-Man magazine from the 1960s


What happened to the sophisticated magazines of yesteryear? (Via Retrogasm)


    1. Baboons? No, every one of those blue-faced creatures is a mandrill – they are All Mandrills I tell you!

      1. > > I wanna know about this sex drug in my kitchen.

        > It’s Coca-Cola. With aspirin.

        I was thinking more Coca Cola with Mentos…

  1. The SEX DRUG in Your Kitchen!

    It’s called dish soap. Try some on your hands in close proximity to a sink full of hot water and dirty dishes. Works wonders.

  2. Sheesh! anyone who knows about the LA Jewish dating scene can tell you it wasn’t a raid, the JAPs came and they colonized.

  3. ‘The Day The Japs Raided Los Angeles” is pertinent to my dissertation. Can anyone share, pleeeeease?

  4. Are they still taking story submissions? I’ve been having trouble selling my novelette about an ex Green Beret who busts up a heroin den run by cross-dressing bonobos.

  5. Well, someone’s got a monkey on their back!

    I suppose this cover was cooked up to explain how prostitutes, as well as torture and death, could end up “bloody” for the Sarge.

  6. Don’t you just hate it when this happens? Damned idiot tourists who can’t drive stick come and crash their crappy SUV, starting a brush fire and messing up your nice pristine savannah. It’s enough to make anyone fly into a shrieking animalistic rage.

  7. What is up with the Meg Whitman ads on the site page, as well as the feed? Yuck, I’d rather be rampaged by hypersexed baboons than have that pop up in my reader again.

  8. I’m forced to repeat a comment on another article, I can’t help myself…

    99 monkeys attacking a girl and a guy, if one of those monkeys should happen to be bashed over the head with a rifle, 98 monkeys left attacking a girl and a guy, if one of those…


  9. HER: Oh,puleeze Honey, let ME Drive, just this once!
    Him: NOPE!No WAY
    HIM: No, you SCARE me when you drive.
    Her: I am not wearing a bra, you KNOW what THAT means.
    HIM: Well…, I dunno.
    HER: I’LL give you that special LUVIN!
    HIM: Sure, here’s the keys…just don’t hit nothing.

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