Coffee shop that looks like a sideways library

The D'Espresso coffee shop, located one block from the New York Public Library, was designed to look like a library that's been flipped on its side. Design firm Nemaworkshop covered the walls, floor and ceiling with custom tiles screened with sepia-toned photos of full bookshelves (evidently it's a repeating pattern: photos taken of the shelves at a nearby travel bookstore). The globe lights are hung sideways from a wall. Upside-down Cafe Looks Like a Library, Flipped On Its Side (via Super Punch)


  1. That’s pretty cool. I had to look at the picture for a good 10 seconds before it flipped for me.
    I’d love to see one that had a floor that looked like your were thousands of feet up above the city you were in. There’d have to be some affect at the front door that would force you to overcome the perception and step out into the ether…like a few feet of hard wood floor that suddenly ends.

    Sort of like this bathroom, which I think is a photoshop affect.

    1. I’d love to see one that had a floor that looked like your were thousands of feet up above the city you were in

      The bridge that connects the parking garage and main terminal at the Sacramento airport has a carpet that is kind of like that. The artist’s site with pics!

  2. Nice, but let’s hope it’s not *as* authentic as the NYC library–I’m talking overlit, not air conditioned, with a prevailing aroma that is no way connected to a burr grinder.

    Then again, it did offer free Wi-Fi.

  3. Trying a bit too hard to be quirky for my taste. Besides, drinking coffee with your nose to the dirty carpet… Eew!

  4. So good it’s not a bar. Then again, also bad for a coffee on the morning after being to too many bars.

  5. yes, I love it. As a bookseller dealing with books by the pallet load, I often ponder how to make best use of those we can’t find a home for. Anyone interested in large qualities of books for decorative purposes, please let us know: [Also/fyi via our website and browser add-ons for Firefox and Internet Explorer, we have tools for the fastest and easiest way to find the lowest book prices online].

  6. @Jenonymous said Great coffee, been there, alas the overall effect is barf-inducing when seen IRL

    I totally agree. The picture itself is rather barf-inducing. I couldn’t imagine sitting in the actual environment to consume food without feeling the effects of vertigo. Who thought this would be a good idea?

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