Epic robot tattoo


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  1. robulus says:

    Ladies: Please don’t get robot tattoos.

    I’m sorry body modifiers! I just can’t help it! She looked all sweet and pretty except for the two foot tall average rendering of Bender!

    • Brainspore says:

      Boy is that girl going to be disappointed to hear that she blew her one and only chance to make it with Robulus.

      • robulus says:

        There’s always the laser surgery.

        • Brainspore says:

          Or, if my theory about that one is correct, the “delete layer” function in Photoshop. (I can tell by teh pixelz etc.)

          • robulus says:

            It definitely has that ‘frame number three from a soft core porn series’ look, rather than that ‘check out my awesome half back piece of television’s “Bender”‘ look.

            But I saw it on the internet, so I have to take it at face value.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Man, if I were gonna get a tattoo of a robot, it would be The Iron Giant in full battle mode.

  3. Mantissa128 says:

    Oh man – no Marvin, old or new?


  4. middleclass says:

    The girl with the ray gun reminds me of the logo for the original Federation adult space fantasy MUD by ibgames, but I can’t find the image to compare. Sweet stuff tho.

  5. John_S says:

    The robot is ‘Robby the Robot’ from the 1956 Sci-Fi movie, “Forbidden Planet.” Starred Leslie Nielsen, Anne Francis, Walter Pidgeon, Jack Kelly, Warren Stevens…


    Robbie the Robot: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robby_the_Robot

  6. efergus3 says:

    Also from The Invisible Boy. Now if you show me a robot with a human tattoo, then I’ld be REALLY impressed.

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