Epic robot tattoo

 Wp-Content Uploads 2009 05 Design-Your-Own-Tattoo At Institute for the Future, we are researching the future of robotics. During the course of my colleague Jake Dunagan's rigorous scan of the literature, he came across this, apparently titled "Robot from Gamma IX!" For more, please see "20 Awesome Robot Tattoos" on Botropolis.


  1. Ladies: Please don’t get robot tattoos.

    I’m sorry body modifiers! I just can’t help it! She looked all sweet and pretty except for the two foot tall average rendering of Bender!

    1. Boy is that girl going to be disappointed to hear that she blew her one and only chance to make it with Robulus.

        1. Or, if my theory about that one is correct, the “delete layer” function in Photoshop. (I can tell by teh pixelz etc.)

          1. It definitely has that ‘frame number three from a soft core porn series’ look, rather than that ‘check out my awesome half back piece of television’s “Bender”‘ look.

            But I saw it on the internet, so I have to take it at face value.

  2. Also from The Invisible Boy. Now if you show me a robot with a human tattoo, then I’ld be REALLY impressed.

  3. The girl with the ray gun reminds me of the logo for the original Federation adult space fantasy MUD by ibgames, but I can’t find the image to compare. Sweet stuff tho.

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