Hackerspace video series

Vimby is producing a very well made series of videos about hacker spaces called "Take On The Machine," hosted by my friend and and MAKE contributor Mitch Altman (inventor of the TV-B-Gone, a universal TV power remote control keychain).

Steve of Vimby says:

Presented by Scion, "Take On The Machine" is a competition reality series hosted by the "dean of hackerspaces" Mitch Altman. Scion gave 5 hackerspaces across the US a $3,000 grant and a challenge to create a unique project.  We just posted the project NYC Resistor created, using a slot machine they bought on Craig's List.  We split the action into two parts:

Take On The Machine/NYC Resistor Part I | Take On The Machine/NYC Resistor Part II

Above, the intro episode where Mitch takes us into the hackerspace world and describes the overall competition.