Richard Pryor's alphabet on Sesame Street

Richard Pryor teaches the alphabet on Sesame Street, March 2, 1976, episode 0862. SFW! Seriously! (Thanks, Gabe Adiv!)


  1. I remember watching this as a kid. I loved Richard Pryor! It took me a long time to figure out why my mom always said he was so filthy since my first exposure to him was along side Big Bird. :)

  2. I was a senior in high school at the time, but I used to watch with my eight year old developmentally disabled nephew. Richard Pryor was great on Sesame Street, and Rita Moreno did a brilliant Diana Ross impression on Electric Company. Great music on both shows.

  3. “Okay, Richard, we’ll flash the letters on the teleprompter and you just read’em out however you like. Keep it clean and try to stay under sixty seconds, if you can. And… GO!”

    “Richard, you’re pretty high right now, aren’t you?”

  4. If you think that is weird, check out Pryor’s mid-80s “Sid and Marty Kroft-produced” Saturday Morning Kids Show, “Prior’s Place.”

    1. Have you ever recited the alphabet… *ON WEED*??

      You will. And the company who’ll bring it to you is AT&T.

      (Sorry. All the old stuff just gets jumbled up into a big mess in my brain.)

  5. *spittake*

    March 2, 1976 is the day I was born. Saw this bit all the time as a kid, but never knew that. All the more reason to cherish it.

  6. I remember watching a sesame street episode with my smaller brother sometime in the 70’s (when German tv was still showing dubbed U.S. episodes) where two Nazi soldiers (I guess it was Schultz and another from Hogan’s Heroes) were doing the alphabet.

    My reaction was along the line of wtf? wtf??!! (although I didn’t know that kind of language then).

    I can’t find any reference or a youtube link for that on the net, though…

  7. Oh, Man. The freeze-frame on the video is at “n”. Was that intentional? Given his live act, I gotta wonder…

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