Star Wars trilogy as a paper animation

Dave Prager sez, "My friend Jeremy Messsersmith, a Minneapolis musician, has given the original trilogy new depth and pathos with his new video for his new song about Tatooine. ('Twin suns of Tatooine / taught me everything I know.') While Lucas is busy announcing his plans for 3D, Jeremy made his video as 2D as possible: he used paper. And it's terrific."

The Entire Star Wars Trilogy in Two Minutes (Thanks, Dave!)


  1. fantastic – the emperor’s smiley face is pure win. : D
    and the song is really gentle and pretty, which is not what i was expecting.

  2. Thanks, Jeremy… I enjoyed that muchly.

    Balls, Samsung, for making me click to get rid of your advertising overlays 3 times in a 2-minute music video. Is there any way for me to explain to you that this sort of thing makes me about 45 times less likely to buy your electronic gee-whizzery?

    1. I feel your pain guernican! I just tried to show my own video to someone and got that horrible Samsung ad.

      Oh, and thank you. I’d been a big fan of Eric Power’s videos for a long time so it was a treat to have him make this!

  3. Yay, Jeremy Messersmith! I live in MLPS and found him through the Current. His stuff is great except I get “Organ Donor” stuck in my head all the time and go around singing it happily which I’m sure is slightly creepy.

  4. This is the greatest short film I’ve ever seen! George Lucas needs to take a hint and stop trying to make his films better with technology!

  5. Oh wow! I used to go to church with Jeremy a loooong time ago in a land far away (Washington)! Glad to see he’s still playing music and doing creative things!

  6. Brilliant, is Jeremy going to do episodes 1 to 3 without all the annoying characters, should shave 20 seconds or so just doing that :)

  7. This may be one of my most favorite creations of the Star Wars universe ever. It’s simply wonderful, beautiful and endearing. Bravo!

  8. anyone who wants to download the song can find it free on and you will also find his other three albums which are all amazing. It’s pay what you want which makes it cool too.

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