More mean monkeys


Those menacing mandrills are back. (Via Subtropic Bob)


    1. Maybe he thought one of them was the one taking pictures for the cover?

      Wouldn’t be the first time he went all HULK SMASH when a camera showed up.

  1. Those baboons really need to take up smoking so they can chill out a bit.

    W.S.Burroughs suggested once that the easiest means of dealing with baboon attack is to start attacking the weakest, oldest member of the pack and the others will divert their aggression to that individual.

    1. Judging by the shoulder massage that mandril is giving the guy on the ground, I’m going to go with “yes”.

  2. i read this as “MEN we found the paiute gold” magazine – such a narrow demographic, men who are searching for the paiute gold….

    1. I believe he did, shortly before he started screaming that he was being attacked by mandrills.

  3. none of this is actually happening, because that man is clearly drunk.

    On Paiute Gold Brand Tequila ™

    Nothing will make you feel like a slovenly adventurer succumbing to the relentless attacks of a pack of crimson-assed primates quite like the robust flavor of Paiute Gold(tm).

  4. Even at <20 comments, this is by far the funniest thread I have read in some time. Kudos to Quiet Wyatt for the Zappa reference.

  5. Lets try this again, sans characters that eat text: Even at less than 20 comments, this is by far the funniest thread I have read in some time! Kudos to Quiet Wyatt for the Zappa reference.

  6. His facial expression is perfect: “Oh, EEEUUU! They’re getting their slobber all over my shirt! Gross-out dance!”

  7. Menacing Mandrill, isn’t that the new Ubuntu release? Wait, it’s already October, so it should be out soon.

    Great thread, btw.

  8. i have no idea what this magazine is about, but i know that the last time a man tried to pick me up i didn’t go all ape-shit on him. um, ur doing it rong?

    I’m baffled. But I like that one in front that’s doing the back-flip.

  9. i’ve had this problem before, and the best solution is to just honk your horn and drive on through; never get out of your car

  10. 99 monkeys attacking a guy, if one of those monkeys should happen to be bashed over the head with a rifle, 98 monkeys left attacking a guy, if one of those…

  11. …and traded it for Thai Stick.

    You’d think the Paiute would have guarded it more effectively…

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