Mark Ryden's new painting: Awakening The Moon

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“Awakening the Moon,” a magnificent new painting by Mark Ryden on exhibition at London's Frieze Art Fair, Oct 14-17. (Thanks, Kirsten Anderson!)


  1. With my favourite character from The Phantom Toll Booth, the Dodecahedron!

    My faces are many,
    My sides are not few,
    I’m a dodecahedron…..
    And what are you?

  2. His work is so amazing when you see it in a gallery or show – it’s even more awesome, full of whimsical and disturbing details.

  3. I had never heard of Mark Ryden until recently when I stumbled across this YouTube video, where someone has matched up Mark Ryden paintings with music from Death in June’s “Little Blue Butterfly”. The resulting combination is delightfully creepy and spooky, perfect for the upcoming Halloween season:

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