The Fridge Campaign

Pass out at Frat Party.jpeg

Capitalizing on the bad vibes circulating on release of Facebook-bashing The Social Network social networking competitor The Fridge has come up with a poster campaign based on those of the Hollywood pic. While The Fridge's claim of a totally private network is limited, of course, by the discretion of any particular group's membership, they certainly know how to enjoy a media moment.


  1. Love the image lol but it’s so tame! My 18yr old son came home on his birthday trying to hide the fact that one of his legs was shaved, what he didn’t know was that his eyebrows were as well :)

  2. Perhaps we’ll see those pics of Hillary Clinton passed out on a bathroom floor at Fuddruckers.

  3. If “the Fridge” is a facebook competitor, then why is it that it’s the first anyone’s ever heard of it?

  4. It’s a shame that there’s nothing on The Fridge’s site that actually explains how it keeps posts “private”.

    Don’t post any potential blackmail material until they do…

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