Tijuana Innovadora, Mexico: Speakers incl. Pres. Felipe Calderon, Al Gore, Carlos Slim (and Xeni)

On Saturday, October 16, I'll be speaking at Tijuana Inovadora: a *really* ambitious conference under way in Mexico through October 21. Speakers include the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon; Mexican astronaut José Moreno Hernández; Al Gore; Carlos Slim (richest man in the world, owns a big chunk of the New York Times); Chris Anderson of Wired and DIY Drones fame; Jimmy Wales; Biz Stone; and many more.

The point of the conferenc is more or less that this place is a generative source of forward-thinking ideas in technology, culture, art, and design. Or, as the conference website blurbs, the mission is...

[T]o show the community, country, and strategic audiences abroad, the processes of innovative technology, education, technological culture, and art that are exported from Tijuana to the world.
Much of what we hear in the US about Mexico these days has to do with the narco-mess, but the border region has a long history of tech innovation. It's sad to see that lost in the noise of late; this event seeks to change that perception. Tijuana's an interesting place, I know from personal experience—and it should be a particularly interesting place while Tijuana Inovadora is under way. Tickets here, here's the website, Twitter and Facebook.


  1. I was born there and i have lived all over the world, no city has been so helpful and inspiring in my career as an artist as Tijuana it is truly a artist utopia

  2. Jose Moereno Hernandez is most likely Mexican-American (i.e. he holds 2 passports).

    There is only one Mexican astronaut, his name is Rodolfo Neri Vela, he studied and has worked and lived in Mexico all his life.

    1. Mr. Hernandez (who spoke in Spanish to a nearly-filled 1,000-seat auditorium last night, filled with applause) told the crowd that he was born in Michoacan, and was brought to the US by his parents (I didn’t hear and don’t want to know any of the immigration details). So, technically, born in the United States of Mexico…. From the perspective of those young and old in the audience, he was Mexican (albeit now he may be a US citizen, too).

      The Tijuana Innovadora event — which Xeni is speaking at, and we’re looking forward to hearing from — has really been inspiring to thousands of people that have already been to it. Looking forward to Xeni’s talk next weekend!

      1. Hi,

        Yes Tijuana Innovadora it´s a great event, with great speakers, related to Jose Hernández, he said that his parents were born in Michoacan just likel his brothers, he was born in USA because he was a little premature and his parents does not have the time to come back to Mexico.

        I really enjoyed the talk he his so funny and seems very frendly with everybody, that nigth all Tijuana was talking about it.

        Congratulations Tijuana!

    2. No dear Friend you should read a little more!.

      Dr, Neri Vela it´s not an astronaut, he was an INVITED engineer because Mexico bought a satellite to USA.
      Dr. Jose Hernandez does not needed to live in Mexico all his life to do positive things for us, and also he is a loved person not only in Mexico, but USA, Chile, Russia, and so many countries.
      Do you know that Dr, Hernández was a sceintist who help in the Russian nuclear disarmament?
      Do you know that our astronaut made the failure analysis of the Challenger and he gave the reason of failure of the rocket, and NASA corrected the problem for the future missions?
      Can you tell me something else about Ing. Neri Vela?
      So please my friend get more information to have a more interesting talk

      Por cierto tu ingles tampoco es bueno y el Dr. Hernández solo tiene una nacionalidad, es decir solo un pasaporte.

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