TV LogoMania!

This particularly hideous website is nonetheless a gold mine for designers and old TV heads, claiming to have every television logo ever made. Scrolling through is at once an education in the evolution of screen logo design, a non-linear tour through television history, and a strangely satisfying stimulation of visual memory circuits.


  1. One thing we learn quickly here is how goddamn ugly and tacky logos have become in the last 20 some-odd years.

  2. Looking through the website: ugly ugly boring derivative boring boring boring cool WTF ugly etc etc

    It amazes me how such a great deal of money and effort is spent on something (dare I say it?) so


    Damn. . .these font-foolios and their ‘oooh all caps are so HARD TO READ!~’ (ya never read a comic book before?) “Avatar used Papayarus-style and thats so OMG!” What-EVER.

    (actually I’m jus’ playin, I realize there is a design aspect that I just don’t have any experience in.) I’m on the outside looking in when those kind of arguments come up.

    But when I see the Fox spotlight logo, my IMMEDIATE first reaction is ‘oh God this is some bullshit right here, what lies are they going to try and tell me.’ But when I see the Fox spotlights in the cinematic 20th Century style, especially before the opening credits of Empire Strikes Back, I throw up my hands and yell “Yaaaayyy!!”

    Logos have power. . . but just look at the chaff! Just. look. at. it. heehee!

  3. I’m in China at the moment and had a strange revelation yesterday. A revelation of a far future that uses symbolic writing like Chinese. But each word-symbol is based on a corporate logo.

  4. When I am made World President one of my first five edicts will be the immediate removal of all TV logos from our screens during the broadcast of any programme content. During adverts or promos, fine – but during the programmes, no. On pain of every individual from the continuity announcer to the TV station chairperson being sent to the salt mines for 25 years, for any offence.

    Do they think we are brainless and cannot remember what channel we are watching? Do they think (insert famous and respected film director or programme maker) made their film/programme with the idea that there’s be corporate logo over the screen, getting in the way?

    Corporate marketing shills, all, and – frankly – the salt mines are too good for them (what with the asthma easing properties, and all).

  5. “Do they think we are brainless and cannot remember what channel we are watching?”

    Yes. By putting a logo on screen (they’re called bugs) they increase the odds that Nielsen diary households write in the correct station they’re watching. Of course People Meters and other automated digital methods for acquiring this information may yet render bugs superfluous. Stay tuned.

    1. I do not know if we have Nielsen households in the Uk but really? Clutter up millions of screens just so a few thousand lab rats are too stupid to tick the right box otherwise? Good grief!

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