3D dino skeleton pancake


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  1. drewand1200 says:

    Pncake Win!

  2. TimmoWarner says:

    That is the greatest pancake I have ever seen.

  3. drewand1200 says:

    Oh, and place bacon in jaws w/ syrup drizzle for effective lulz and love

  4. Rachel H says:

    And to think, I thought the Mickey Mouse pancakes my mom made me as a child were pure magic. Way to set the bar low, Mom.

  5. Joseph Hertzlinger says:

    The next step is the PancakeFab.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This has got to be the most amazing pancake the world has ever known.

    (Well, for looks anyway.)

  7. PTBartman says:

    That look’s really tough to make. I guess it’s an edible T-Rex complex.

  8. igpajo says:

    Be sure to check out his blog. He’s got better one’s on there, imo.
    Like the Pancake toilet, the Construction Crane.

    For fake food goodness…I’m partial to the Bacon and Eggs.

    Dude’s a Pancake Picasso!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Pwncake. FTW.

  10. Chentzilla says:

    I’d say that its most amazing feat is not collapsing on itself.

  11. Lobster says:

    Delicious with maple amber!

  12. blueelm says:

    Wow!I want to know how he got the legs and feet to work!

    Freaking awesome pancake.

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