Devo hot dog cycling jersey

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My 4-year-old son wants to be Devo (specifically, Mark Mothersbaugh) for Halloween, so I visited the official Devo Store to find him a suitable Energy Dome. While there, I noticed this sharp Hot Dog Fresh Cycling Jersey! Unfortunately, spandex doesn't, er, suit me very well.

And for more than you ever wanted to know about Devo Energy Domes, I urge you to visit Devo Obsesso!


  1. Wow thanks to that Devo site I now know my Blue energy Dome was one given away at the Olympics. I figured there was no difference between the Olympic domes and the ones sold on the site and given away on record store day.

  2. The other kids will have NO idea who your kid is supposed to be, but their parents will smile knowingly.

  3. Saw them at Coachella, and managed to end up pretty close to the stage, and they were amazing – I wasn’t sure what to expect since I don’t follow them very closely but they definitely put on the best show of anyone I saw at Coachella. For some reason they got squeezed into one of the small stages – it was a madhouse because so many people wanted to see them. Lots of energy domes in the audience, and they tossed a few from the stage too (along with other bits of costume!)

    Of course I have to say I find it hilarious that people review and compare energy domes. I mean, I’m sure you can get some really crappy knock-offs, and I appreciate high quality plastics as much as anyone, but it’s still kind of silly :)

  4. If there are any die-hard Devo fans in LA they should know that The Artists’ Museum exhibition at MOCA will be featuring a Devo installation. The show officially opens October 31st, and the MOCA store will have oodles of Devo stuff for sale.

  5. I have a class that I am going to in the San Francisco area. I fly in the same day that Devo will be playing. I was thinking of seeing them, but the Ticketmaster prices are too high for this spudboy.

    Will just rent a car instead as I have never been to San Francisco. I can play Something for Everybody while I am driving around seeing the sights.

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