IKEA Heights: covert soap-opera shot in an IKEA

The staff of the Burbank IKEA store covertly shot an episodic soap opera using the store's furnishing tableaux as sets. They call it "IKEA Heights."

IKEA Heights (Thanks, Alice!)


  1. I see a few well known comedians including Matt Braunger & Brody Stevens in this video, so I don’t know if I believe that this was shot by IKEA employees.

  2. Isn’t that Randall Park who was in the hilarious web series Dr. Miracles and had blood spewing from his junk on House M.D.? He works at IKEA now?

  3. They are not employed by the store and shot it without the store’s knowledge. It was created for Channel 101.

  4. I shot a Dracula Movie in similar fashion at Ikea a few years ago:

    It was fun shooting there.

  5. Seriously, I know this is a blog, but the uncorrected errors in post titles and descriptions on this site are embarrassing. Or, if it’s supposed to be a joke that it was done by the Burbank IKEA staff, it was poorly delivered. Great series, though. Dr. Miracles was genius.

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