Miniature cardboard kinetic sculptures

Brad Litwin creates exquisite miniature hand-cranked kinetic sculptures from cardboard and "a few bits of wood, metal, or plastic." They're $45/each or $35 as a kit. Mechanicards


  1. Bradley Litwin is also a fine musician. That’s him playing guitar and singing on the soundtrack to the video of his great little sculptures.

    1. Does the sound track come with the card purchase? I didn’t think so.
      Well, I sure would like to purchase the music to assist my enjoyment of these fantastic devices!

      Thank you for the feel good.

      Kenny O

  2. It’s hard not to buy them all then fantasize about my heirs taking them to the Antiques Road Show in a hundred years.

  3. These, and his earlier mechanical creations, are awesome. I would love to see them come with educational materials explaining the tech constructs (gears, etc) behind them. Maybe as instructables or thingiverse works, but with more background.
    Hmmm, is there a site for such works? (instructables + science/tech learning materials behind the project)

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