Stop Lookin' At My Moms

Video Link. "Stop Lookin' At My Moms" [sic], by The Astronomical Kid (Twitter / Facebook)

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Etymological note: "moms" is used to refer to one mother, singular; a regional slang term of familiarity and endearment like "pops."

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    1. 2nd that. I could suggest it originated with the popularity of Moms Mabley, and it wouldn’t be any more idiotic than other things I’ve said.

  1. “Moms” is street lingo for mother in the singular. Like “mom,” but with more “street” action.

  2. it’s slang. people also say things like, ‘that’s mines!” it is not plural. it is just poor grammar! ;)

  3. It is slang, its like calling your dad “pops”. There is only one of him, but it sounds better than “pop”

  4. Lobster has it correct; it’s a vestige of a once wide-spread, now mainly regional dialect (primarily in the northeastern portion of the U.S., although it could have traveled as we get deeper into the New Depression).
    Think of the gender equivalent ‘Pops’ of the early 20th century.

  5. This video needs a steampunk-themed reply video from a man with a monocle entitled, “But Master Kid, how should an eligible bachelor such as myself make a gentlemanly entreaty to a fine lady such as your Moms?”

  6. For a literary example, “Moms” is used as a singular in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Actually, she’s referred to as “The Moms.”

  7. I think what he means ( and I get it based on the first minute of the video) is Stop looking at my mom’s…… (fill in the blank)

  8. I REALLY hope you lot are speaking with a sarcastic tone. Talk like this has been around since the early 80’s. But more importantly…big up Flatbush Massive!

  9. I have heard it as a term of endearment, but wouldn’t it be funner if, instead of being plural, it was actually possessive?
    “Stop looking at my mom’s (multiple choice)”

    a) French Poodle.
    b) pair of Don Alfonzo’s tweezers.
    c) turn signals.
    d) girlie gear.

  10. Taking rap back 3 decades to just a beat and a bad rap.

    But seriously, stop trying to make time with the young man’s mother. That’s not cool. Have you not read the shirt?

  11. If I had been told twenty years ago that in the future adolescent black kids would be rocking mohawks and aviator shades, I would have said ‘then bring on the future!’

  12. Wow all these people clueless about the use of ‘moms’. Really sheltered white people? Uh, I don’t know.

  13. to make matters worse, “moms and them” (pronounced “momz ‘n dem”) refers to the nuclear family as a whole.

  14. My first thought was that this was a video raising awareness for lesbian families: something along the lines of: “Why are you staring at my two moms? We’re a family too.” I guess rap hasn’t quite gotten there yet.

  15. The way he’s posing next to the ‘Paerdegat’ sign (which as a Dutch person I find hard to interpret as anything other than ‘horses behind’) definitely hints at a possessive use of the term.

  16. Liked the song, although it was a little long.

    However, I never heard ‘moms’ as a singular noun. I guess I haven’t been living in the city long enough…

    and I guess the fact that it’s so widely known by the BB community makes me feel like those few that didn’t know the relation between grape soda and black people.

  17. I am white in my 4os, raised in on a Midwestern farm, never been east of Wisconsin and even *I* am familiar with the singular use of moms. My daughter (now 21) even calls me “moms.”

  18. OK, how cool is it that this is the park my co-tax filer grew up across from! Massive big ups! He and his cohorts used to play spidey man where they would swing really high, fly free of the swing toward the 15′ ft high chain link fence and grab it by their fingers, sticking it to it! or so he says…

    But trust me….no one, and I mean no one, was ever looking at his moms

  19. Oh wow, Horse’s Ass Park. Classic funny last name from Napoleon’s time. Respect for keeping that one alive!

  20. I am not sure if this is regional, but white, black, any race youths in this area use “moms” all of the time. Its not even a term of endearment as Xeni suggested. It is a language fad, much like “rad” “totally” etc from the 80s. I suppose none of you guys have heard the term “rents” before have you?

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