Fannish Disneyland blueprints

Flickr user Enfilm creates insanely detailed, beautiful blueprints for rides and buildings at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris (including plans for lost favorites, such as If You Had Wings). Shown here, the Disneyland Enchanted Tiki Room.

Disneyland Drawings (via A Whole Lotta Nothing)


  1. One has to wonder: in the 21st century, can one really get away with wandering Disneyland with tape measures and laser levels?

    How did he do these other than by just eyeballin’? Anything more would get one tossed outta the park and possibly handed over to Orange County’s Johnny Law as either a potential terrorist or (worse) theme park spy conducting industrial espionage on behalf of some Chinese Disney ripoff company. You’d think.

    Anyway. I like talented fans with more spare time than I’ve got. So: kudos.

    1. Hello I’m the architect who drew all the plans. Thanks for posting a link to my stuff. I got 23,000 views today (Not that I obsessively check my flickr stats or anything)

      Since you were wondering on my sources, I use google earth and bing for satellite and aerial photos. Then I add any photos or videos I can find from tourist or fan sites (obsessed disney fans with digital cameras are very useful). I also have 600 pages +/- of blueprints off of ebay, trading with other disney fans and from jpegs off the net and I’ve done a few trips to the parks where I carry around paper to sketch stuff that I can’t figure out otherwise (zig-zaggy queue areas and dark rides for example)

      Last time I was down in FL I was on the train platform sketching and a cast member saw me and assumed I was an imagineer planning some type of improvements so I don’t think I would be stopped unless I was in an off limits area like the tunnels or something.

      I’ve been doing drawings since 1986 or so and been doing them in the computer since 1998. So it’s not like I spend a lot of time on them but it ads up. Since it’s computerized I don’t have to worry about the size of the collection and it’s easy to share. So if anyone has a question feel free to drop me a line. and I’m glad everyone is enjoying them.

  2. To the creator of the plans, a big THANK YOU from all the imagineering fans around the world. And thanks to Cory for posting the link!

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