Video: Mystery creature lurking on ocean floor near Tokyo

What shall we name this odd undersea creature? How about P. areidolia?

Cameras aboard JAMSTEC's Hyper-Dolphin ROV have captured footage of something strange lurking on the floor of Sagami Bay, southwest of Tokyo.
Video: Mystery creature in Sagami Bay


    1. “Mark, that’s too easy. It’s godzilla of course, or at the very least one of his young.”

      Yes, but is it Minilla, Godzilla Junior, or Godzuki?

  1. Funny how the video ends right when you would expect this ‘creature’ to react to the presence of the camera. Is that because it exploded into action and devoured the ROV? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    1. Well of course it ends right there. Although the scale indicators don’t make it clear that is where it becomes obvious that the creature is at least 40 stories high and therefore all information regarding it falls under the Godzilla Protocols. The footage would then be top secret until such time as it is declassified and sent to Toho Studios.

  2. So the most interesting on there and the video just stops?

    “Hey Mike, what is that thing?”

    “Dunno. Should we go in for a closer look?”

    “Nah, we better get up top for lunch before my sushi gets warm.”

  3. Oh, man. You had me at “camouflaged sea-floor gorn.” Although I think it reads better the way I first read it, “camouflaged sea gorn.”

    I don’t think this video was worthy of boing-boing.

  4. look a video of something that looks creature like that doesn’t move! lets pretend we caught some new weird creature on video and spam the interwebs.

    i agree with previous posters who say this is either a rock or a dead sea mammal.

  5. I don’t think it is a dead whale or mammal, because those creatures become a mini-oasis in the deep sea, feeding scavengers and customized decomposes for years to come.

    It looks like a rock… but rocks on the deep sea floor are pretty much non-existent unless you are near mountains or volcanic activity. It could be a meteor, perhaps.

    Other than that, I dunno. Maybe it is a 1/2 submerged creature waiting for a snack.

    I don’t think it is fake, because there are deep sea creatures who look completely alien to our world. (though hey – it could be).

  6. I’m far more interested in the violet and lilac-colored little guy with the glowing pink bulge on it’s (apparent) head who scoots by in the last few seconds. I could SWEAR it winks at the camera.

  7. The original video description mentions something about two sponges attached to a really big rock…Nah, it’s definitely Godzilla.

  8. That which is not dead may eternal lie
    And in strange aeons even death may die

    The name we should give to this creature cannot be formed by the mouths of men.

  9. Looks like a sea creature to me. Deep sea creatures do look strange of course. I could of sworn it had a mouth. I do believe on top were the eyes.
    It’s either asleep, playing dead or ready for a snack. We don’t know what this is, so we can’t assume it would of ate the camera man. It was probably playing dead when it saw the camera man. It probably wouldn’t eat the men/women because it’s eats something else.
    It probably wasn’t even hungry at all. I have an open mind. Once an Okapi was a myth until they found one alive and now they are in zoos. Now this creature can be in the situation that the okapi was. If not, it can be a totally unknown creature instead of a cryptid.

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