Obscure Muppets: The Quiz

muppetobscura.jpg Twaggies presents:

Behold! Obscure Muppets! Can you name them? Take our quiz and find out!


  1. Looks great, but for whatever reason, the bottom of question #4 is cut off, so it’s not possible to move forward. shame, cause this is a quiz I’d love to finish.

    1. I had that problem too, but increasing and decreasing the text zoom with ctrl+/- eventually makes it show up on every page.

      I got ’em all right except for the guy from Labyrinth (too long since I’ve seen that!). And I’m not really a muppets expert. Some of them aren’t obscure enough, and for the others, the other multiple choice options are easily discarded.

    2. If you click the “click ‘A’ for answers” a pull down menu pops up which allows you to select the next page.

  2. Rowlf and Statler & Waldorf are “obscure” Muppets? Not if you’ve ever watched, y’know, the Muppet Show.

  3. Flash invariably grinds to a halt on my machines, and this one is a new mac mini. Oh well, no quiz for me. Drinks on the house.

    1. Sweetums lay your ugly head down upon your wretched bed,
      Pretty Sweetums sweet and cute, go to sleep, you ugly brute!

  4. David’s list of little known Muppets he posted on Mental Floss last month was way more obscure than the ones in his quiz here.

  5. 80%. I missed the questions on the Snowths and Johnny Fiama. I have to agree with a couple of the others: some of the Muppets were hardly obscure. Still, fun quiz. I kept having trouble loading the quiz though. However, RobDuya’s (#9) link worked perfectly.

  6. Got 7 out of 10. Agree on non-obscurity of Rowlf, Waldorf and Statler, also Doozers. But he should have put there something that everybody knows, right? It would be rather depressing to get 0/10 on this kind of quiz.

  7. 100%

    Aughra gave me pause, mostly because I didn’t remember how to spell her name. Also, the wording of the question was very odd.

  8. Well, I guess older Muppets = obscure? The Sinatra-style guy was after my time, and I don’t think I ever heard the Manah Manah singers named. Those were the only ones I got wrong.

    Almost thought Zoot was Floyd, but Floyd was the guitarist…

  9. 8/10 — As with grumpycat, I’ve never encountered the singer before. Never knew the names from #1 at all.

  10. Ah, “Veterinarians’s Hospital”:

    Nurse: Doctor, Doctor, the patient is lying at death’s door!

    Doctor: Don’t worry, we’ll pull him through!

  11. Heh. I just looked up the Snowths on the Muppet wiki a couple of days ago. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known. And agree, some of the others really aren’t obscure.

  12. 100% – (another admittedly Muppets fan)

    For obscure, I was expecting questions regarding the Wilkins coffee commercials, etc…

    which are brilliant, by the way:

  13. None of them were all that obscure outside of the Snowths which I don’t even remember being named in Kermit’s introduction to Manahmanah.

  14. Ow. 8/10. Like some of the others, I can’t recall the crooner for the life of me. I am disapointed at missing the Snowths. I recognize them, but couldn’t name ’em.

  15. Are you sure about the answer to # 1? Kermit clearly introduces them as the “Mahna Mahnas” in the very first episode of the Muppet Show.

  16. Muppets who have had significant* careers and are harder to name than about half the ones in this quiz:

    Lew Zealand (who I couldn’t remember, and I know my Muppets!)
    Clifford (who HOSTED a show!)

    You want a hard Muppet topic, do Anything Muppet cladistics. That’s hard. It’s not even worth doing the named-but-super-rare characters, as I don’t know anyone who can name any significant number of those without recourse to the MuppetWiki.

    * By “significant” I mean either a period of time when they were being pushed with some vigor and had some merchandising (Pepe), a very long career as a bit player (Sweetums) or who had an arguably starring role in a major Muppet production (Clifford).

  17. I didn’t know most of these, but by guessing what name I thought Jim Henson and company would probably have chosen, I got 7 out of 10 correct.

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