Obscure Muppets: The Quiz


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  1. BobRH says:

    Ah, “Veterinarians’s Hospital”:

    Nurse: Doctor, Doctor, the patient is lying at death’s door!

    Doctor: Don’t worry, we’ll pull him through!

  2. Geoduck42 says:

    Heh. I just looked up the Snowths on the Muppet wiki a couple of days ago. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known. And agree, some of the others really aren’t obscure.

  3. VagabondAstronomer says:

    Drats! 80%! And I was like a rabid fan!

  4. BSD says:

    Muppets who have had significant* careers and are harder to name than about half the ones in this quiz:

    Lew Zealand (who I couldn’t remember, and I know my Muppets!)
    Clifford (who HOSTED a show!)

    You want a hard Muppet topic, do Anything Muppet cladistics. That’s hard. It’s not even worth doing the named-but-super-rare characters, as I don’t know anyone who can name any significant number of those without recourse to the MuppetWiki.

    * By “significant” I mean either a period of time when they were being pushed with some vigor and had some merchandising (Pepe), a very long career as a bit player (Sweetums) or who had an arguably starring role in a major Muppet production (Clifford).

  5. Eam says:

    I got 100% because I am a Muppet fanatic! Poor me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I did not think these were exactly “obscure” but then again I am a person who has drawn Snowth/Birdo oviposition porn. [NSFW]

  7. Anonymous says:

    10/10, but given that my car’s license plate is MUPPET, this comes as no surprise.

  8. TimDrew says:

    100% – (another admittedly Muppets fan)

    For obscure, I was expecting questions regarding the Wilkins coffee commercials, etc…

    which are brilliant, by the way:


  9. harryhoody says:

    And this is the tenth bookmark tagged ‘muppet’ for me.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t know most of these, but by guessing what name I thought Jim Henson and company would probably have chosen, I got 7 out of 10 correct.

  11. Hools Verne says:

    None of them were all that obscure outside of the Snowths which I don’t even remember being named in Kermit’s introduction to Manahmanah.

  12. paigecm says:

    Looks great, but for whatever reason, the bottom of question #4 is cut off, so it’s not possible to move forward. shame, cause this is a quiz I’d love to finish.

    • Matthew Miller says:

      I had that problem too, but increasing and decreasing the text zoom with ctrl+/- eventually makes it show up on every page.

      I got ‘em all right except for the guy from Labyrinth (too long since I’ve seen that!). And I’m not really a muppets expert. Some of them aren’t obscure enough, and for the others, the other multiple choice options are easily discarded.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you click the “click ‘A’ for answers” a pull down menu pops up which allows you to select the next page.

  13. cryptique says:

    Yeah, can’t answer #4, and can’t proceed beyond that. Oops.

  14. Anonymous says:

    If you want to get beyond Q4, you can view the unembedded flash here: http://boingboing.net/quiz/obscure-muppets/qp_live.swf?version=2.5.7

  15. IronEdithKidd says:

    Ow. 8/10. Like some of the others, I can’t recall the crooner for the life of me. I am disapointed at missing the Snowths. I recognize them, but couldn’t name ‘em.

  16. gobo says:

    Rowlf and Statler & Waldorf are “obscure” Muppets? Not if you’ve ever watched, y’know, the Muppet Show.

  17. mdh says:

    Flash invariably grinds to a halt on my machines, and this one is a new mac mini. Oh well, no quiz for me. Drinks on the house.

  18. jeraliey says:

    I was sure that Sweetums was going to appear on the quiz. Rowlf is obscure? Statler and Waldorf?

  19. RobDubya says:

    I got to finish the quiz by loading just the flash content on its own page.

    Try this link: http://boingboing.net/quiz/obscure-muppets/qp_live.swf?version=2.5.7

    Plus, I got 10 out of 10! W00t! …[sigh] I am *such* a nerd.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Spoiler Alert: Don’t read inscription on photograph sent by Gonzo to chicken.

  21. ranomatic says:

    David’s list of little known Muppets he posted on Mental Floss last month was way more obscure than the ones in his quiz here.

  22. Phrosty says:

    80%. I missed the questions on the Snowths and Johnny Fiama. I have to agree with a couple of the others: some of the Muppets were hardly obscure. Still, fun quiz. I kept having trouble loading the quiz though. However, RobDuya’s (#9) link worked perfectly.

  23. Chentzilla says:

    Got 7 out of 10. Agree on non-obscurity of Rowlf, Waldorf and Statler, also Doozers. But he should have put there something that everybody knows, right? It would be rather depressing to get 0/10 on this kind of quiz.

  24. brerrabbit23 says:


    Aughra gave me pause, mostly because I didn’t remember how to spell her name. Also, the wording of the question was very odd.

  25. Rob Beschizza says:

    Fixed! Sorry about #4.

  26. grumpycat says:

    Well, I guess older Muppets = obscure? The Sinatra-style guy was after my time, and I don’t think I ever heard the Manah Manah singers named. Those were the only ones I got wrong.

    Almost thought Zoot was Floyd, but Floyd was the guitarist…

  27. jeligula says:

    80%. I didn’t have a problem answering question 4.

  28. neward says:

    look at how trim Jim Henson’s beard was in the early 60s!

  29. Astragali says:

    9/10 here (messed up on question 4).

  30. dwdyer says:

    8/10 — As with grumpycat, I’ve never encountered the singer before. Never knew the names from #1 at all.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Are you sure about the answer to # 1? Kermit clearly introduces them as the “Mahna Mahnas” in the very first episode of the Muppet Show.

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