Minecraft music video

Wagner James Au sez, "Brett, who recently created the epic 8 mile Minecraft highway, has a new video, and this time, he's hacked Minecraft into a machinima platform to make this incredibly beautiful music video. To make the steady tracking shots, for example, he built a Minecraft rail system made of glass."

Minecraft Machinima: Beautiful and Innovative New Video from Maker of the 8 Mile Minecart Viral Hit (Thanks, James, via Submitterator)


  1. It’s nice. I wish the guy would use the default textures though. The “hi res” texture packs don’t fit the boxy world so well.

    1. The painterly pack, which he is using, is all native resolution textures. They just look a hell of a lot better than Notch’s own programmer art.

  2. The description on youtube, “…to show what minecraft is before people create and mine. The way the world is before we change it” nailed it for me. BEAUTIFUL. MOVING.

  3. i think that’s the first time i’ve ever seen spam on boingboing :(

    in other news, yep, minecraft is crack.

    1. Great link there, Dabbles – that was awesome to watch!

      And, of course, Notch doesn’t need to spend a penny on advertising his game…

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