Does Michelle Obama Control the Fashion Industry?

No, this isn't another vast right-wing conspiracy. I think. Nevertheless, Harvard Business Review is glad you asked. obama-hbr.gif (slideshow)


  1. Does Michelle Obama Control the Fashion Industry?

    — Let’s hope not. The “black widow” thing she wore at the inauguration was hideous. Sleeveless doesn’t work for a First Lady.

    Yeah, as a matter of fact I did vote for her Old Man.

    1. I’m with you. Those big waist cinch belts are just wrong… least not paired with the scary flower prints. You know what….not with anything, unless its made out of vinyl.

  2. God knows why, but presidential types have been fashion icons in the past. Hat sales tanked when JFK didn’t wear one to his inauguration.

    1. To be fair JFK really was a master of a certain kind of style. He’s still looked upon as a men’s style icon to this day, along with the likes of Steve McQueen and Cary Grant. There hasn’t really been anyone as influential as those three since then, interestingly, although there are plenty of people who are smaller influences who have come along.

      As for Michelle Obama, I don’t see pictures of her too often but I don’t tend to be too impressed either. But then, I can’t claim to know anything about middle-aged-woman fashion ;)

      Overall I think it’s a positive that she has influence like this. JFK’s wife had a similar influence (probably much more than Obama) and while fashion snobs might laugh, it’s better than nothing. It makes people strive to look good, rather than just buying crap because it’s “more comfortable”.

      Obama himself is influential as well; his suits are conservative but very nicely cut, and of course there’s the infamous “rolling up the sleeves” he likes to do.

  3. I second AllisonW there with an “I hope not”. Mrs. Obama isn’t known for her amazing fashion sense (at least as far as the fashion bloggers of the world are concerned… they’re merciless!) She looks great for a First Lady though.

  4. Her fashion style is surely copied and has filtered down to Kohls and Target too. I see sheath dresses there that are very much similar to stuff she wears.
    She does wear ghastly belts and tries to hide her waist using “empire” style but it does not fool anyone. She could also go up a size and avoid the tight fit and visible underwear lines.
    Admire her for using affordable clothes and lesser known American designers. Jackie O needed a lot of other people’s money to support her designer clothes needs and that just does not fit the sensibilities of the independent woman. This first lady’s greatest contribution to fashion is bringing back flats – why do sane women use 7″ heels ?

  5. I dunno, there HAS to be a way those wide belts are a conspiracy. I know! She sewed Obama’s real Kenya birth certificate in them.

    Seriously, I’m a straight guy and even I notice those belts.

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