A sign even Ian Curtis would find funny

Last week, I posted about a New Order song. OK, I guess, but wouldn't a matrimonial law firm named after the band that yielded New Order be even better? (Hat tip: 33 1/3)


    1. It may also be named after the Nazi sex slavery camps that imprisoned Jewish women for the pleasure of Nazi soldiers.

      1. No, that’s what the band was named after. No need to blame the innocent lawyers for anything except being lawyers.

  1. I think this is a photoshop, that shadow line is too perfect and there is a complete absence of texture in the sign and lettering. Plus I looked for these guys and all I could find was countless blogposts and websites showing this picture with absolutely no reference to where it came from.

    1. In other news, the Lolrus can’t really talk about his bukkit and that’s just snow on Cocaine Bear’s face.

  2. Eu nunca imaginei que teria de percorrer pelos esconsos caminhos de um ignorado sentimento, quando subitamente, ouço alguém chamar, então espero pelo dia de amanhã e nada daí havia a esperar. – Ian Curtis (Roberto Autran Nunes)

  3. Doesn’t have to be Photoshop to be fake. Anyone ever think that you can print a fake sign, put it up and take a picture of it?

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