T-shirts of vintage book covers

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Out of Print sells t-shirts emblazoned with iconic or vintage book covers like Death of a Salesman, Animal Farm, Walden, Moby Dick, Fahrenheit 451, and a slew of others. My two faves are above, from the 1936 first edition of Brave New World and the Corgi UK cover of WSB's "The Naked Lunch." For every shirt sold, one book is send to a child in Africa through their charity partner Books For Africa. Out Of Print founder Todd Lawton tells me, "In October 2010, we fully sponsored and sent a 40-foot sea container (560 boxes) of donated text and library books to be distributed to schools and libraries in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania." Shirts are available in men's, women's, and kid's sizes.

Out Of Print clothing


  1. I saw these a while ago and think they are spectacular. Especially Catcher in the Rye which I always found to be an attractive cover.

  2. Hopefully the book pictured on the shirt is not the one sent. I shudder to think that African school kid’s could be struggling to make sense of Naked Lunch.

  3. Although it’s not my favourite Orwell book, the Animal Farm tee looks amazing. I never saw that cover before.

  4. I immediately went to the site and started putting shirts in my shopping cart; and then had to remind myself that I rarely wear t-shirts except around the house. And, when wearing a t-shirt around the house, I choose comfort over style. So, although I’d love to have some of these, I will be pragmatic and resist the materialist impulse. (At least for now.)

  5. First, there’s The Naked Lunch. Then, there’s 560 boxes of donated text and library books. Being sent to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Although it’s set in northern Nigeria, how can I not think of:

    God, this is an awesome moment. The last stronghold of unhip resistance is out of sight, under 8 million hardbound copies of The Naked Lunch. It’s all over! We’re coming home!

  6. The terminally hip dismiss with a preemptive ‘meh’, detecting perhaps too close a relationship with ironic vintage tees of yore.

    Or maybe they’ll remain obscure enough to be enjoyed (gee thanks BB).

    Taken on their own, they’re pretty great.

  7. I have the Moby Dick version of this shirt- the best thing about it is it’s SOOOOOOOO soft. I’d imagine the steep pricetag has something to do with the book donation, no?

  8. I’m so spoiled by Shirt.Woot and their prices, that I can’t justify spending $28 for a t-shirt, no matter how cool they might be.

      1. Being uneducated and not having read The Naked LunchI looked at the wiki link for my history lesson and I noticed the ending sentence is… No glot…C’lom fliday – children in Africa are going to develop another strain of english – I can see it coming

        I want a Tshirt pl0x

  9. Wait, WHAT books will be sent? Envisioning a continent of Readers contemplating apple corers as a solution to constipation.

  10. Great logos. I particularly liked the one for “Final Blackout”, an obscure post-apocalyptic novel first published in 1940. It shows how good a writer L. Ron Hubbard was before the onset of Dianetics and Scientology. It was also written before he joined the Navy in WW2, where he attacked mexico.

  11. Why is there is a different selection of books for the women’s t-shirts and the men’s t-shirts?

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