Tom the Dancing Bug: Dinkle Tries to Meet a Girl

Enjoy today's Super-Fun-Pak edition of Tom the Dancing Bug, opening with Dinkle Tries to Meet a Girl.


  1. Awesome! When I see a new Tom the Dancing Bug it always make my day. And when it’s a Super Fun-Pak Comix TTDB it makes my day twice. Or possibly squared.

    This one is especially awesome, it’s like Ruben’s actually BEEN to a commune in Vermont. He’s not kidding, Nick really is a jerk.

    But I’m still not checking any boxes.

  2. Super-Fun-Pak comment:
    Bravo! No way!
    Next Thursday.
    Nice touch.
    Sez who? Impressive.
    Somebody can’t spell.
    I’ve had it.

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