Google Patent Search as coloring book generator

You know, I hadn't thought much about it before, but Christopher Mims is right—Patent illustrations can make GREAT coloring books. If I didn't have work to do, I'd print out this sad-looking robot and color him up right now. And check out Space Monkey!


    1. That’s rad!

      I was hoping “personal transport” would yield some more humorous results, unfortunately the contraptions are rarely depicted with drivers.

      What I did find:

      [url=]Personal air transport[/url]

      [url=]Ghost on sideways inline skates[/url]

      [url=]Grumpy, paranoid business man[/url]

  1. From the patent description: This speech-making robot can be used as a stand-in by politicians of any party. It has special safety links on its feet to prevent stumbling over questions, a built-in teleprompter screen, and thermal control fans to keep its armpits from sweating. In order to appeal to the younger generation, the politician’s face will appear in the head-mounted iPad…

  2. What a great idea this is! Wish I’d known about it when my boys were younger. My suggestion: search on “toy robot convertible” or “bandai toy” and get yourself a Transformers coloring book.

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