Video camera designed to record encounters with police

Barry Cooper, a former narcotics officer who is now dedicated to exposing crooked police officers and teaching people how to avoid pot busts, demonstrates a prototype of his new product, the BarryCam.

For a long time I wanted to offer a video camera for citizens to record their police encounters and then upload the video to my website for my expert analysis and review of the incident. It's like having me as a passenger every time you are pulled over by the kops. I'm excited to announce my new high-quality and very affordable BarryCams.

BlackBox BarryCam
Thus video was taken today using my BlackBox model that mounts within seconds to your dash or windshield. This model is equipped with a fold down LCD screen for video review and shooting accuracy. The camera is battery powered with a cigarette lighter jack adapter. When unplugged, the BarryCam can be used as a wonderful hand-held video camera with a recording time of over 2 hrs on a single charge. I have been using this model each time I hit the road and I also use it as a home video camera to catch any special moments. The video is recorded to a card and upon plugging the unit into your computer, the BarryCam software automatically uploads the video to your computer. You can then choose to upload the video to my secure website for review. Upon receiving the video, I can review it and give you my expert opinion regarding any police misconduct. This model will sell for around $250.


  1. i’m just curious about the legality of recording an interaction with the police. When Anthony Graber recorded a cop with his motorcycle helmet cam it resulted in a search of his house and seizure of property. The charges were eventually dropped, but is there a chance something like this might happen again, or in other jurisdictions? Would you have to inform the police that you are recording them? and might the mere presence of a camera cause police to make up probable cause, or worse yet say the camera itself is probable cause?

  2. Well in MY expert opinion, that looked like a U-turn across a double-yellow without signaling first.

  3. There’s something about that guy that just rubs me the wrong way… He’s got this douchey sleazy used car salesman vibe, selling mail order dvd’s and cheap chinese webcams.. It’s all so gimmicky. It just seems like he’s in it to make a buck, not actually giving any really useful advice, not having a whole lot of knowledge on the subject, just saying over and over again “I used to be a cop”.

    Apparently he’s a bit of a sleazeball with his business practices too… A legitimate educated marijuana activist gave a negative review of his DVD’s, to which he threatened lawsuits.


    1. Anon,

      I can tell you don’t know me. There is a reason Bret Ratner in Hollywood is making a movie about my life. I have an Internet reality show called KopBusters where I bust crooked kops and our first sting resulted in Yolanda Madden being freed from federal prison. I’ve been retained as an expert witness regarding police misconduct 6 times and won all 6 cases for my clients. I have 3 cases pending. I just flew back from Florida after teaching two large lawyer conferences. Judge Napolitano recently endorsed my KopBusting efforts on FOX news. The advice I give in my video series, NeverGetBusted, has saved thousands of people from going to jail. Go get this issue of SKUNK magazine. I’m featured in it. I speak with the owners of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Marc and Jodie at least once a week.

      Loretta Nall is the lady who wrote that bad review four years ago and it’s the only bad review out of more than 50. That should tell you something about her review.

      I have four kids. Two of my daughters are in college at the ages of 14 and 18.

      I’m not those things you say I am.

      What have you done for the movement?

      Barry Cooper

  4. It’d be better if it streamed/uploaded the video in real time (3G), that way if the police decided to “relieve” you of your camera before you could take it home to upload it, the evidence would already be on Barry’s server

  5. But you might want to edit out things that could get you a ticket, like making a U-turn over a double yellow line.

    1. When he pulled the U-turn I was actually thinking to myself, “did he just do that in the hopes of getting pulled over so he could demonstrate the thing?”

      Then all my hopes and dreams were dashed to smithereens when he just kept talking.

    1. So what’s the deal with two party consent?

      If you notify them up front, I figure the majority of law abiding police wouldn’t mind.

      Now if they say no, what right do they have to force you to stop recording in or around your vehicle?

      1. A little late to respond to this, but for the sake of completeness:

        So what’s the deal with two party consent?
        If you notify them up front, I figure the majority of law abiding police wouldn’t mind.
        Now if they say no, what right do they have to force you to stop recording in or around your vehicle?

        Likely nothing, but unless both parties consent to being recorded it won’t be admissible in court.

  6. I’d like to see the camera connected to the car’s computer system to record the speed and show when turn signals and functioning brake lights are used. It’d also be nice to have both a front and rear view simultaneously recorded. I’d like to see this used in courts when police falsely accuse motorists of not signaling and/or speeding in order to falsely justify traffic stops. Now that the economy is tanking, it’s nice to have something on your side to be able to defend against random ‘tax’ stops, for lack of a better term.

  7. Yeah, guy sounds like a real sleazeball. “It’s like having me as a passenger every time you are pulled over by the kops.” Anybody who can sell themselves in this narcissistic way without blinking doesn’t have my best interests at heart.

    1. jsmill,

      You kops and/or kop lovers are running wild on boing boing. I busted some crooked kops in Odessa and got Yolanda Madden out of prison. I caught a Cpt. stealing drug money in Williamson County. It’s on Youtube. In the last six months, the kops raided me and arrested my wife and I 3 times and our detective once. All misdemeanors. Judge Napolitano interviewed me recently about it:

      I’m an expert witness in court with a winning record. I make sure the police follow our constitution. Trust me when I say this: you want me in your car when you are having an encounter with our over-the-top American police. That’s not narcissistic, it’s confidence and care for my fellow pot heads and other non-violent citizens.

      And by the way. I wearing sunshades in the video. You said I made that comment without blinking. Hmmmmm? Sounds to me like you are just looking for a reason to hate.

      Barry Cooper

  8. In California, you can’t mount ANYTHING in the middle of the front window. That’s good for an easy ticket (as many GPS users have found out the hard way). You can only mount a device in the lower left or right corner of the windshield, so good luck trying to get a compete picture from that angle.

  9. Sorry for the double post above. I am unfamiliar with this posting format.

    I forgot to mention: We got our son back after winning an appeal and the prosecutor dropped the charges for the Odessa sting that freed Yolanda Madden.

    BarryCams are the next wave of security services for Americans. The police in this country are out of control. Go to Youtube and watch the ever growing number of police abuse cases being video taped.

    I’m eventually going to offer an OnStar like system that uploads the video instantly to my team while explaining to the approaching officer(s) that they are being monitored. This is sure to protect the citizens. Until that technology is available, we are offering the next best thing…the BarryCam.

    The goal of the BarryCam is to reduce police abuse and to provide citizens a safe way to protect themselves against current abusive American law enforcement officers. If an officer abuses one of my customers and it’s captured with the BarryCam, I’m going to help that citizen get justice. Bet that!



    1. Couple technology like this with the “Fair Witnesses” in Stranger in a Strange Land. Or Stream everything to a “Digi Akashic Record Hall” I guess YouTube 3.0…

  10. Especially after these replies from Barry himself, I can believe he’s perfectly honest in his intentions and isn’t in it to just make a buck.

    However, Barry, there’s a reason we thought that – $250 is way overpriced for what these are. Obviously you know how much you’re paying for them from some Chinese distributor – $30? Less? You can get a Flip HD camera – good for two hours of HD video recording – for $100-130 retail. For one with a flip-out screen so you can aim better, Sony makes one for ~$150.

    So can we presume that the extra money is to pay for the service you’re offering, a review of the video?

    I really have no problem with that if that’s the case, but you’re not presenting yourself and your product in a very professional way, which is why people are putting you down. I agree with you regarding the police and I’m happy that you’re doing something about it. But it takes a lot to get people on your side when your presentation is a little sleazy.

    p.s. Brett Ratner sucks, seriously. It’s a total mystery how he manages to get any directing jobs. He’s a terrible director. If he’s making a movie about you… sorry.

    1. penguinchris,

      Bret Ratner sucks? I’m not professional? Hmmmmm. If Bret Ratner, producer of Prison Break, Rush Hour 1, 2 and 3, doesn’t meet your standards then you are simply a nit-picker.

      I’m trying to get the cost of the camera to $200 but not sure if I can. To get this product to market means a lot of money is spent on employees, packaging, website, software, ect. And yes, the added value of having me view the kop encounter costs a little more.

      I currently review police videos every week for citizens and direct them how to sue and hire a good attorney etc. This process takes a lot of my time because I take every encounter seriously and my analysis can make the difference between a citizen losing their freedom or going home to their family.

      I don’t get the “unprofessional” comment you made. Do my tats bother you. Did you expect me to be clean cut like Billy Mays? Regrettably, I was once one of our nation’s top undercover officers. You couldn’t imagine what I’ve been through. I’m a bit wild but that’s who I am and that’s who I’m going to be. It’s not “unprofessional” to be real.

      My heavily criticized and much loved videos sold over 50,000 copies and I still get orders every day. These BarryCams will do the same because they keep Americans safe from the number one gang in America…the kops.

      I’m curious, have you ever pioneered an idea and took it to market successfully or has it been your job to just criticize others?



  11. Two-party consent rule?!?! Surely that can’t be seriously applied, or judicially averse to overturning, in interactions with the enforcement arm of the state?

    The point of a policeman is everything they do needs to be within the legal boundaries we set for them through our judiciary and executive. In every single circumstance they operate in.

    For a police force to sue against the usage of this kind of material is beyond Nixonian. The bad old days of a country sheriff feeling like king of his county should be the bad old days.

    A citizenry must demand and expect appropriate treatment from police and every other state agent, and that treatment must be equal for every citizen. No-one should be treated eg by a school governor in any different way.

    I love in-car video gear. Crashes / bumps / tickets / thefts – all uploaded and ready for review! It would have saved me thousands over the years!

    Note – I’m not saying phuck the ho-lice; I’m saying allow me to monitor their performance against the standards we set.


  12. Aside from the comments that Barry comes off a little smarmy, is there any reason Boing Boingers should be against using technology to keep the powers that be honest? Sure, perhaps the package is overpriced to people who know how to DIY a kit on their own, but let’s not crap all over Barry for trying to give a wider audience the ability to hold our law enforcement to their “protect and serve” creed.

  13. I’m a retired cop and teach at a police academy. I tell officers all the time to assume that they are being recorded at all times. If you are a professional (and the vast majority are) you have nothing to worry about. When dash cams first came out most cops hated them. It didn’t take long to realize what an asset they are and now most wouldn’t be without one. The cops own cameras prove they are right and the whiner is wrong far more than the other way around. Tape away.

  14. Should come with a sticker included that you put on the roof of the car, over the driver’s side window.

    “Conversations may be monitored for quality control purposes.”

    I think “bullet cams” would be a better solution too. Much smaller, meaning you have more options to install without being obtrusive. You can feed them into any recording device with an a/v input too, which is good for flexibility.

  15. I have been an avid boingboing reader for years. Props out to Mark for keeping Barry fresh with these blog posts. I have worked with Barry numerous times and some of the videos I filmed with him and even ended up here. On top of this I fight for the police to be held accountable on a regular basis in my community and I know first hand how important it is for us to incorporate technology that holds them to higher standards into our daily lives to ensure that eventually we use this tech to make it impossible for us to be objectified by them. The fact that you guys are being so critical of Barry is so sad and counter-productive to the movements we fight for in the real world and on this very blog. We should all be on the same team here. When you bash him you are directly working against a very just cause, video taping the police. Please think hard about how vital this is to us in a time where the police & and police unions have a stranglehold on our lives.

  16. The only way this product could be successful is if he could make it record on a loop, so the oldest minute of video gets deleted to make room for real-time recording. This would provide a constant 2-hour loop of what happened last while you were driving. Would be great to document encounters with the police, and would have many more uses as well.

    What pot head is going to have the clarity of mind to have this thing prepared on his/her dash, and then turn on when he’s getting pulled over?

    For now, I’ll just stick with a voice recorder in the car.

    1. The BarryCams loop-record just as you say but the loop begins after 8 hrs…not 2 hrs. We did this because if the citizen is arrested, he has time to alert friends or family to turn the camera off before it loops over the critical video.

      And there are lots of potheads who can think sharp on their feet. I’m pretty sure I was smoking pot during most of my media interviews and the opposition always sounded crazy, not I.

      Some of the most intelligent people I know are potheads. They are much brighter than alcoholics. At least we don’t puke on ourselves, jail the masses and beat our children.

      You should change your stereotype about potheads.



  17. I have seen these cameras Barry is promoting as well and they rock! The one in the video looks like a radar detector but also he will have ones that look exactly like rear view mirrors (for those who argue that in cali and elsewhere you can’t mount stuff in the middle of the windshield). This is only the beginning of Barry and others using cameras for this purpose. I expect that in the near future the price-performance of this technology will be even more affordable for people who don’t necessarily have the DIY know how to make this themselves. So right on Barry good to see some coverage on such a great blog and keep up the good work, we love you for it.

  18. You guys are unbelievably quick to judge and don’t know Barry like I do. I have never met a more real and down-to-earth person who contributes as much time and energy into civil rights. Obviously, in order for Never Get Busted to stay in business he needs to be paid! I find it highly unlikely that someone going through the trouble of busting crooked cops, freeing people from prison, working people’s cases for marginal fees, and preparing for heated debates and interviews is merely trying to ‘make a buck’. Of course, there are countless other business opportunities to be in that would be far more lucrative, and probably even easier to do, but Barry chose this.

    And actually, the majority of the advice on the DVDs cannot be found anywhere else. Did you even watch them? You could take pages of notes, scour the web, and not find the same info anywhere else. The truth is, his advice is not common sense because a lot of people are still constantly being busted in ways that could be avoided by following his advice. I recently met someone who went down and if he had simply followed Barry’s tips he would have avoided going to jail. Many people simply aren’t as knowledgeable or careful as you might think, but I think Barry’s Never Get Busted video series is helping to change this! He is providing a real service to Americans because he knows, as shockingly few Americans seem to admit, that our civil rights have dangerously eroded (are you aware?). Barry’s presentation is strong and it should be, because he is real. (Some of you act like you’ve never met anyone who’s real and confident…Pity.)

    As far as BarryCam goes, just the day before it was introduced, I was in fact thinking how helpful it would be to have a high quality camera in the car specifically designed for traffic stops.

    And by the way, Barry and Candi, congrats on getting your son back.

    Peace y’all,


  19. Actually, all one has to do is to look up the local laws regarding recording a conversation. For example, in Florida, that info can be found here:

    For the other states it is here:

    One cannot decide what the law is for themselves based on “what they think is right.”

    Also, be prepared for varying interpretations by judges. We’re in the midst of one of the most trying times with the Constitution and it’s a time of major upheaval. Want to see things your way? Bring your checkbook to your local civil rights attorneys and make some change. Talk won’t make it change.

  20. Just as an aside, I have had many encounters with police authorities here in Florida based on appearance. The local Sheriff states that they never stop anyone because of what they look like but they operate contrary to that. I have never video taped or audio recorded anything or anyone, however, I cooperate and then afterwards when I have reasoned with the officer as to my actions, and then am left to go my own way, I go to Google and my word processor. Yes, I use the power of the pen and that is when I challenge the authorities to come forward to press their position and reasoning and to explain to even higher authorities their actions. In my experience, not once has any other individual come back to me saying they have a difference of opinion with my reasoning or that I am wrong. However, I do look ahead with all of my activities and am always prepared for these unreasonable stops and inquiries. I have to say though that the stops have decreased almost completely. No one seems to want to contest me in front of a a judge. I guess I’m small potatoes to them. So, in sum, I don’t need to record. I do fine without it.

  21. Anon, you may be right. If i recall, I do believe he was a used car salesman over around the Intersection of Hwy 271 and Hwy 80 in Gladewater Tx. (could be wrong, Silvertooth could tell you) Seems to me that the camera would not be necessary if you were not breaking the law, and with the camera you would be setting yourself up for some self incriminating evidence if you were breaking the law. Just as he has shown by making a u-turn over a double yellow stripe. I can see all the Law Enforcement community going for this! Hope you make some Christmas money there Barry. Marry Christmas, from the Grove.

  22. TexBlade,

    That’s the second time you have been “anti-barry” and mentioned Union Grove. Are you Carl Davis or Mike Hern? Two Texas Troopers whom I went to high school with? Is that who you are? Are you still pissed at me for releasing those DVD’s that keep you from caging non-violent citizens? It’s you agency who recently arrested my wife and I for busting crooked kops.

    And thousands of Americans who aren’t doing anything illegal get harassed and mistreated by the police every day. And even more people get over-policed for small infractions. BarryCams are there to hold you koppers accountable. Ha!


    1. What is “astroturfing?” I’m curious.

      FYI…I love boing boing. It’s one of the few sights I watch but they should do a better job with their postings. I had several people email who couldn’t post and I’m experiencing difficulty posting as well. Come on Boing Boing…you guys have enough money. Fix it please.


      1. Astroturf, in this case, is when a bunch of comments defending you all emanate from IPs that geolocate to a small area in Texas. I don’t have a problem with your friends defending you, but the effect is perhaps less subtle than intended.

        As to you having posting problems, there’s nothing (visibly) wrong with your account. I would suggest that you clear your cache and BB cookies, log out and log in. If that doesn’t work, we’ll try something else.

        As to us having money – ahahahahahahahahaha! We rely on ad revenue, which depends on the economy.

  23. No Barry “Silvertooth” Cooper, I’m neither of them. I have to assume that this stems from a guilty conscious from back in your days of Law Enforcement. Nahhhhh…….couldn’t be, has to be fame and fortune. BarryCam? I think so. Most, if not all patrol cars are equipped with cameras now for the sole reason of having a clean case to be presented to a prosecutor and on to a trial by jury if need be. You are preaching to a crowd who obviously will be using a camera to defend their criminal action and then be used against them. I think it’s a great idea. There may be bad apples out there but using it as an excuse to do what you want is not the answer.

  24. or you could buy a pair of hidden dvr shades from hong kong from ebay and a mini sd card from ebay for well under 50$, and use them instead of laying out 250$ for something it would not be legal to mount on a windshield in my state.

    heck, if you are that paranoid, take the things apart, and mount them in a hat or something.

  25. 1: did he or did he not cross double yellows?
    2: I have been to the site and I still don’t know what a “barrycam is”. Techual Spechuals pls.

  26. What is to stop a police officr from taking the camera as evidence it is useless unless the camers can transmitt the voice and images instantly to a secure location before they have time to confiscate the evidence

  27. I enjoyed reading these posts after watching a few of Barry’s videos and I say “good for you”

    I live in the UK and my experience with the police (as a pot smoker) have been mixed.

    I have had officers being perfectly pleasant and completely ignoring the smell of pot emanating from my vehicle but on the other end of the spectrum I have had officers literally TEAR my car to pieces to find drugs. This included the removal of the back seats, the contents of the boot (the trunk for you americans) the glove box contents, empty out bags etc…they dumped it all on the ground. They then searched myself and my two passengers. THEY FOUND NOTHING!

    This police “operation” included 3 police cars and a police van with ~8 or 9 officers. They insisted that I was a drug dealer and when they found nothing but me standing smiling they started to make threats over the contents of my car e.g. I had a set of pool cue’s which they were going to do me with possession of dangerous weapon unless I confessed etc.

    I have had malicious damage done to my vehicle when searching for drugs has been conducted. An officer attempted to enter the rear of my vehicle (2-door) and instead of lifting the BLINDINGLY obvious release handle on my bucket seats he grabbed the top of the seat and ripped it forward with enough force to damage the mechanism. This cost me £200 (~300$) to correct as I decided to make them “bomb” proof (or police proof) to outside forces so they were welded solid and mounted on folding rail to allow rear seat access.

    I have been pulled out of my vehicle by a LONE police officer. To the best of my knowledge the police in my country must operate in pairs to provide back-up etc but this officer followed me, flashed his head lights, I ignored him for time being as the law states that ONLY with the flashing blue lights on the roof can they signal a driver to pull over. After half a mile of following me he finally put his blue lights on. He told me to remove my seat belt then he pulled me from the car and shouted abuse at me (lack of witnesses I’m afraid as no passengers or passers by).

    I have had (as have several of my fellow pot smokers) police being very stern and telling us off for smoking pot…then “confiscating” our pot WITHOUT giving us any charges, written reprimands OR fines! It occurred to us quite quickly that the “Kops” were either pot smokers or they intended to sell or exchange this pot for cash or information.

    If this is what it is like in MY country, I wouldn’t like to experience it in America.

    Basically, all this points to something EXTREMELY wrong with the police in our countries. They need to take a good long look at themselves and sort their own problems out before telling us what we should or should not do.

    Thanks for reading the long post


    1. In reply to my precious comment I have always thought about a combination security system for my vehicle.

      Once I finish my degree I intend to design and install a system that both increases the security of the vehicle AND provides recording of both audio and video of any encounters around my vehicle whether it be “kops” or something random.

      The system would operate on a laptop secured in the glove box on a sliding rail that allows me to slide it out to make use of the normal laptop features.

      Connected to the laptop would be an array of cameras.

      One on the tailgate with a wide angle to view the rear of the car.
      Two cameras on the side view mirrors (wide angle again) aimed primarily at the driver and passenger windows (i.e. facing towards the back of the vehicle) but also with the ability to swivel to view from the car at 90 degrees and around another 90 degrees again to view to the front.
      Addittional camera’s can be mounted inside the vehicle.
      One camera mounted above the rear view mirror that can see the drivers face.
      Another camera mounted on the inside of the tailgate that can see the rear seats and partially see the front seats and our the front windshield.

      These cameras would be recorded on the laptops hardrive and the laptop can be connected via 3G connector to allow videos to be sent to e.g. your home computer for safety.

      The cameras would also be able to take “snapshots” in the event of an incident or at the users command to capture a complete picture surrounding the vehicle. This snapshot system can also be linked with an after market security system that in the event of the car alarm being set off the alarm can SMS message your mobile to alert you AND / OR take snapshot pictures which will be automatically uploaded by the laptop to your secure location AND also start recording on the cameras.

      Additional properties of the system could be motion activated recording so that any movement around the car would start the recording. This would only be stored on the laptops hard drive unless the vehicle was compromised.

      Just a passing thought on my own personal security of my vehicle. This system of course would cost £2000 – 3000 easily for a basic setup and you could quite easily spend much more.

      This kind of system was only thought up as I take a personal interest in designing and building custom vehicles. Usually involving a lot of personal man hours which I do not want wasted and of course will have involved a lot of money if the car has expensive things on it…boys and their toys after all. Basically think “pimp my ride” meets track day “road legal” race car.

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